Visualization You Really Can Live The Life of Your Dreams!

by Howard Platt

on December 7, 2010

in Visualization - Law of Attraction

Visualization Gives You The Power To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

Visualization is the process of using your imagination to focus the minds eye onto the successful completion of a particular goal or the desired outcome any type of situation.

If you can dream it, if you can see it, if you can believe it, through the power of visualization you can achieve it.

Visualization is powerful personal development tool that can be used to strengthen and transform your mind’s ability to believe and achieve success.


The Power of Visualization

One of the most powerful and inspirational tools which can be used daily is something which everyone of us possesses, our very own imagination.

Your own thoughts, insights, ideas and intuition can be used in your daily life to make positive changes for the better in any aspect of your life.

When I speak of your imagination I am not talking about day dreaming, there is much more to visualization and the power of your mind.

We all have dreams and for most that is exactly all they will ever be, just dreams. But that can all change for you because this article will empower you to take action, to do what it takes to make your dreams your reality.

You can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness, and more joy by learning to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind

You will learn how to use your visualization skills to focus your mind on positive imagery giving you the ability to change emotions to have a positive effect on your mind and your body.

What is the difference between having a dream and a goal?

A dream can be a wonderful thing, however a goal is the deliberate act of choosing a desired outcome in your life.

You may have dreams that you choose to set as goals for yourself but until you have made a commitment to challenge yourself into achieving those goals they just remain as dreams.

By using your imagination to turn your dreams into a powerful visualization you can profoundly affect your entire life.

Mental imagery, the act of turning your imagination into vivid mental pictures and flooding your mind with positive emotions is a feeling like none other in the world.

Everyone has an imagination although some of us have a much easier time turning our imagination into a positive vivid visualization.

However, if you are determined with a little practice you will have your imagination working for you in no time. With each session you will strengthen your mental imagery.

Transforming a dream into the successful outcome of a goal requires you to invoke every emotion and burning desire that you have deep inside your powerful subconscious mind.

We all have goals but unless you set them with deliberate intention you will never gain any traction.

If you wish to achieve a particular goal you have to feel it inside of you, there has to be a burning desire a wanting like no other because when you can invoke that much emotion nothing can stop you.

Visualization can bring those emotions to life. If you want to achieve any goal you must first do so in your mind.

The process of visualizing the successful outcome of a particular goal will draw the special needs and circumstances for achieving that goal into your life like a magnet.

Good opportunities will not go unnoticed.

How you use your imagination to benefit you in your daily life is only limited by the choices that you make and the dedication you have to become the best that you can be!

You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature. Visualization is the key that opens your mind to succeed!

Setting goals in this manner shows you what you need to do to achieve your goal, step by step, continuously taking action. You are less likely to be deterred by false leads and dead ends.

You will create powerful images in your mind and heart, you must visualize your goal as though it has already been achieved and this will help manifest it into your life.

The clearer your visualization becomes and the more emotion you pour into that vision, the more likely you are to achieve your desired outcome.

You see we all have this within us, this awesome power that most of us have never been taught to use.

Those who achieve the highest levels of success use this power. The top athletes throughout the world use it and all peak performers in any area of life rely upon the power of visualization.

The Magnificent Power of Visualization!

Using your mind’s eye to visualize works by forming a positive picture of the outcome of a situation and seeing this positive outcome in your mind as though it is happening and letting it replace any negative thoughts you may have.

You must develop the mental picture in your mind and focus on that picture as though the event is occurring at that very moment.

This very act of using the strength of your imagination like this will invoke feelings of power and success.

Think of this visualization that you are forming within your mind as the blueprint for the achievement of your burning desire.

You will never find a more powerful process to achieve your goals than you will by invoking the use of your imagination.

You can always use the power of visualization to take charge of your emotions.

I sit peacefully twice a day for about 15 minutes in which I just ignite my mind to form the clearest emotionally filled visualization.

I play out the entire process of my desired goal from the very beginning right through to the successful achievement of that which I desire.

I am telling you that you cannot fail if you follow this process and you use it everyday of your life.

I can in fact invoke a powerful visualization in 15 minutes if I feel the need but honestly I practice my visualization skills every morning and every night for at least 60 minutes each session.

Sometimes I fear that if I tell you how much I work at different aspects of personal development it will seem overwhelming to you and discourage you from trying it yourself.

You should never allow what others do to discourage you from trying.

You might struggle with this in the beginning but if you stick with it I can promise you it will change your life in ways that you never thought possible.

If you only have 15 minutes for a visualization session just do it. Whatever examples I share with you throughout this site having to do with my own practices, please don’t think that you have to be at that level.

We are all unique so there is no comparison between two people because we are all unique individuals. When it comes to personal development the time you put in does not matter as much as the effort.

You could lay on the couch for two hours with the television playing in the background while you are practising your visualization skills or you could take just 15 minutes of complete silence and that 15 minutes of concentrated effort will out do the 2 hours every time.

What I am trying to say is to try to get in as much concentrated effort as you can and never let discouragement keep you from working on YOU!

Visualization is a powerful tool for improving your life so it is worth the effort to develop this into a daily habit.

See things as you would have them be instead of as they are. Through the Power of Visualization you can be all you ever dreamed and more!

This powerful habit will burn these images into your mind and then your subconscious mind will take over and see to it that everything you need to complete your goal, almost like magic will appear in your life and all you have to do is take positive actions.

Visualization Of Your Goals And Desires Accomplishes Four Things.

  • It activates your creative subconscious mind which will start generating creative ideas for you to act upon.
  • Visualization programs your brain to more readily perceive and recognize the resources you will need to achieve your goals.

Every resource, every person or circumstance will be drawn to you as you play out these mental pictures on that movie screen that exists deep within your mind.

  • Visualization activates the Law of Attraction.

The more you practice visualizing the successful completion of your greatest desires and goals the stronger you will activate the Law of Attraction.

  • Visualization helps to secure and increase the confidence you have in yourself.

You will not be able to avoid this as the Law of Attraction resides within each and everyone of us and any successful person will tell you that this is exactly how the universe works.

You need to remain positive and believe in the process, keeping your mind strong and your motivation at its highest peak so that you take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

Use your minds eye to build the foundation of your greatest dreams and aspirations, keep visualizing every day of your life, never give in because if you can dream it you can achieve it.

Visualization Practice: Focus On The Following Questions And The Answers Will Come To You!

  • Ask Yourself What Is That I Want To Achieve, Have I Clarified My Goal, Is It Personal
  • How Will The Successful Achievement Of This Goal Affect My Life?
  • Will I Need The Help Or Cooperation Of Others To Complete My Goal To Its Fullest Extent?
  • What Changes Will I Have To Make In My Life To Achieve This Goal?
  • Will I Need To Further My Education Or Learn New Skills To Fulfill My Needs For This Goal?

Asking these questions is the process of building the foundation for whatever it is that you wish to achieve. There is power in clarity!

Visualize every step in the successful obtainment of your goal, from the very start to the very end and see it as though you have accomplished your desire as clearly as possible.

Use your mind to see yourself completing each and every step as vividly as possible.

Use the power of visualization to build your mental strength and then lean on that strength when you need to so that you always maintain a positive, expectant attitude.

What The Mind Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve.
Napoleon Hill

Never let a day go by where you have not utilized this magnificent power that you possess.

I promise you that if you stick to this plan you can be, have, be or do anything you want in this wonderful world of opportunity.

Playing out these mental rehearsals only takes 10 or 15 minutes and it is said that your mind is most receptive first thing in the morning and just before you drift off to sleep at night.

Aside from mental imagery you can also create goal pictures. This is another powerful technique, where you create a photograph or picture of yourself with your goal, as if it were already completed.

If one of your goals is to have a brand new home, drive around and find a home that you would consider to be similar to your dream home and have someone take a picture of you standing in front of the home.

Or if your goal is to have a new car, go to the dealership and have your picture taken of you sitting behind the wheel of the car that you desire.

Keep these pictures with you and look at them often, this will stimulate your subconscious mind into action.

Create a visual picture and an affirmation for each goal. I recommend that you find or create a picture of every aspect of your dream life.

Create a picture or a visual representation for every goal that you have, financial, career, recreational, new skills and abilities, things you want to purchase and so on.

List your goals on 3×5 index cards, and every morning and each night, go through the stack of cards, one at a time, read the card, close your eyes and visualize the completion of the goal with the perfect desired outcome, hold this visualization in your mind for about 15 or 20 seconds, then open your eyes and repeat the process with each card.

Use Affirmations to Support Your Visualization.

An affirmation is a short positive statement that evokes not only a picture, but the experience of already having what you want.

Repeating an affirmation several times a day keeps you focused on your goal, strengthens your motivation, and programs your subconscious mind by sending an order to your mind to do whatever it takes to make that goal a reality.

Through writing down your goals, using the power of visualization, and repeating your affirmations, you can achieve your goals with amazing results.

The use of mental rehearsal and affirmations allow you to change your beliefs, assumptions, and opinions, about the most important person in your life——YOU!

They allow you to harness the 18 billion brain cells and get them all working in a singular and purposeful direction.

Achieving your goals can be a sure thing! Your subconscious mind will become engaged in a process that transforms you forever.

The process is invisible and it does not take a long time. It just happens over time, as long as you put in the time to visualize and affirm your goals, surround yourself with positive people, read uplifting books and listen to audio programs that flood your mind with positive, life affirming messages.

Repeat your affirmations every morning and every night, and practice your visualization for one month straight, and they will become an automatic part of your thinking and part of your everyday life.

You will start to accomplish more goals then you have ever thought possible. This is The Law of Attraction In Action!

I wish you all the success in life that you can visualize! You have nothing to lose give visualization a shot and see for yourself what you can have, be or do!

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