Positive Thinking For Personal Development Strategies For Living A Spectacular Life

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on April 21, 2015

Positive Thinking for Personal Development, does one have any bearing on the other? The quick and straightforward answer would be yes, but I know you did not come here for just the fast and straightforward answer, so if you stick around, you will find the answers to all your questions concerning personal development and positive thinking. That is my promise to you!

I discuss many topics dealing with positive thinking and personal development throughout this site. I promise to do everything I can to keep you motivated as you travel the path of your own individualized personal development journey.

If you have questions, I will be here; if you don’t know how to get started, I will help, and if you stumble or lose your way, you are not alone as I will be here to help you find your path continue your journey. I will do anything to help you realize and live up to your full potential in life, and all you have to do is ask, as this is also a promise I make to you.

This Home Page, what you are reading now, is an introduction to the basics of positive thinking and personal growth, along with some information about myself and why I chose to create this website.

If you look at the very top of the site, you will see the different categories or topics, and you will find dozens of articles and videos within each category. Okay, that’s all for the introduction, and I will let you get started by first reading through this page.

The power of positive thinking has been the subject of some of the most significant literature throughout history. On the other hand, personal development covers a broad spectrum of human potential, personal growth, and self-improvement topics.

The real question would be; is it possible for one to embark on a journey of personal development and realize their full potential without latching onto the power that positive thinking brings to the equation?

I will answer this question and many more throughout this site. As you read through this page and watch the video below, you will learn why I am so passionate about the power of positive thinking, and you will know how positive thinking has helped shape and SAVE my life.

When you stop to consider all the character traits one must develop and nurture to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life, it becomes abundantly clear that maintaining a positive attitude is an absolute must.

Take a man with a positive and pleasant attitude who is always ready and willing to share a smile. Give him no more than one hundred dollars, and he will be able to travel across the country. Now give three times that amount to a grump, and he will not even make it to the next town over.

A positive attitude does not only affect you; it affects all those around you. A philosophy built on the foundation of positive thinking and positive expectations is guaranteed to take you farther in life than an attitude that lacks optimism and personal drive.

Positive thinking gives you that happy, feel-good, can-do spirit, you become an optimist, and you don’t see problems or impossibilities; you see challenges and opportunities.

The benefits of maintaining a positive attitude are endless. Positive thinking is a critical component of personal development and living up to your full potential in life.

A positive thinker is confident; they have a positive self-image and a strong sense of self-worth, they are not blind to the realities of life; however, they choose to see the good in life, and that is where they place their focus.

A positive thinker is optimistic by nature, and they tend to be highly motivated because they generally feel good about themselves and the direction of their lives. They naturally attract good things, good people, and good circumstances into their lives.

I apologize for the interruption. The video below is just a short message to my consistent followers of this site, explaining my absence and lack of updates.

Positive thinking leads to greater self-esteem, and one who thinks positively expects the best out of life, which is precisely what they get.

Positive thinking absolutely plays a significant role in one’s personal development.

You are the master of your fate, the creator of your world, and you do this all through the power of your thoughts.

Your thoughts program your mind, and it is the sum total of all your thoughts that have created your life as it is today.

If you mainly think positive thoughts, you will build your life on a foundation of positive self-expectancy.

In short, positive thinking programs your mind for success.

Personal development is the process of self-improvement; it is engaging in activities that will produce the most significant benefits to or in your life.

I refer to this site as Positive Thinking For Personal Development because I sincerely believe there is no stronger force in the universe. No other practice will have a more significant impact on your self-improvement journey than the consistent practice and use of positive thinking.

If you question or doubt the power of positive thinking, you owe it to yourself to spend some time reading through the articles on this site with an open mind and in the spirit of optimism.

“You, Alone Are Painting Your Own Canvas. Thought By Thought, Day By Day, Choice By Choice.”

Once you learn how to take control of your inner dialogue, your life will begin to change in the most miraculous ways, and soon you will have total control over that which becomes manifest in your life!

The More You Believe, The More You Achieve, Set Your Mind Free And Soar With The Eagles.
Soaring Eagle How Positive Thinking Frees The Mind

Positive Thinking Is Much More Than Just Hoping, Wishing, And Dreaming!

Positive thinking is believing and trusting in yourself and your abilities; it’s remaining focused on your goals even when things get difficult. The ability to remain positive and keep pushing forward is truly the foundation of all success.

The most successful throughout history held this one common trait; they all believed in the power of positive thinking.

Let me pose a question. Would you or could you support the election of a political candidate if this person could not present a positive attitude? Of course, you wouldn’t!

One who faces life with a positive, expectant attitude will certainly attain greater personal and professional success.

Have you ever heard it said that you get what you expect? If you can grasp the meaning behind that one simple statement, you can change your life.

It is the power of positive self-expectancy. If you expect the worst of a situation, you will experience the worst outcome.

However, if you approach everything in life with an attitude of positive self-expectancy, you will begin to experience a greater amount of success in your life.

Your achievements will always be in-line with your attitude. A positive attitude brings positive results, whereas a negative attitude will always lead to negative outcomes.

Throughout this site, you will learn how to achieve your greatest goals and desires and truly live a spectacular life.

Positive Thinking And Personal Development Two Sides of The Same Coin!

Howard G. Platt 3rd and Family

Howard G. Platt 3rd, Anita Platt, Leah Grace Platt

My Positive Thinking Family! Hi, my name is Howard G. Platt 111, and I have over 25 years of experience in the field of personal development and a great deal of insight on overcoming many of life’s challenges.

I welcome you to this website, “Positive Thinking For Personal Development” and I hope you can take away some positive insight from all I have to share with you.

In the early years of my life, I discovered the power that positive thinking held in the development of a strong, healthy character.

I hope throughout the pages of this website, I can open your eyes to see the power of this remarkable personality trait.

Positive thinking can strengthen your personal development at so many levels that your life will be changed and primed for success.

I offer some FREE eBooks that you may find helpful and several self-improvement CDs. I believe these reference materials can have a profound effect on your life.

Aside from those materials, you will have access to some of the most powerful personal development and human potential information available.

The more you read through this site, the more you will begin to understand how and why positive thinking can help you in every aspect of your life.

You will learn how to increase your self-esteem and stop battling the demons from your past. You will develop a positive attitude that will open doors to a more prosperous, productive, and incredibly fulfilled life.

Positive thinking will drive you to become a highly motivated person, and you will see just where your newfound motivation may bring you.

We all have to work at personal development, not just for a day here and there but forever. Improving the person you are on the inside enhances the person you are on the outside.

When you strengthen your personal development in the areas of self-esteem, build a positive self-image, develop superior self-confidence, and improve your personal drive you will change the course of your life.

It is an incredible phenomenon how the use of positive thinking alters your entire existence, it truly is a wonderful feeling and it is just waiting for you to grab hold.

My own personal search for help began over 25 years ago. I have spent thousands of hours of study in the area of personal development and positive thinking.

I have thousands of journals filled with a massive amount of information covering every aspect of personal development.

My interest in this field came about due to some events that took place in my life that left me wondering if there was something more to life than I was personally experiencing.

I was in search of a way to work past my troubles and continue to live a life full of peace, happiness, success, wealth, and complete fulfillment.

As a result of my own personal development, I did change the course of my life and I have experienced the success I so desired, and you can experience the same.

Once I embraced the concept of positive thinking and put it to use in my life I began to attract incredible opportunities and successful people who helped along the way in my journey through life.

Positive Thinking Gave Me The Strength To Overcome Some Major Obstacles In My Life!

Throughout this site, I will offer many of the exact actions I took to completely improve my life in just about every way possible.

I have used many resources throughout the years to gather all the information that I plan to share with you.

I have attended countless seminars, I have a self-improvement library that fills an entire room and I believe I own just about every personal development audio program available.

The one thing I have learned is that there is no one program or technique that solves all the problems that present themselves in our lives.

Although I am certain that I can help you sift through all the information that can be completely overwhelming to one who is searching for help but has no direction to follow.

I am more than confident that with all the experience I have and all the years of accumulated information you will definitely take away something from this site that will change your life in a positive way.

As I stated personal development never ends as it is not a destination it is a journey, and we must always strive to improve every area of our life.

The first place you should start is with your attitude and nothing is stronger than positive thinking to jump-start a positive attitude.

Please use this site as your own personal development toolbox and take from it as much as you can or need.

The techniques, ideas, and strategies that I share with you throughout this site have worked in my life and I am certain that they will work in yours as well.

I wish you all the success in life and I hope that you will soon realize the power of positive thinking and the powerful, positive effect it can have on your personal development journey.

I also ask that you feel free to leave me any suggestions or requests for a particular topic you would like for me to discuss or give more information or just anything in general that you may want me to discuss.

As you learn more about me you will come to see that I have personally faced some serious challenges in my life and I continue to fight past them to this very day.

I had a real need to get all the self-help tools I could find to help me overcome my challenges and live a successful, productive, and self-satisfying life.

I hope you find this site extremely helpful in your journey to improve upon what you already have, grab hold of the concept of positive thinking and prepare to experience beautiful transformations within your life.

I have a true desire to help anyone personally in any way that I can. So please feel free to contact me through the contact page on this site as I will respond to each and every email I receive.

Again my name is Howard Grant Platt 111 and I Thank you for visiting Positive Thinking For Personal Development!