Building Personal Power

Creativity The Mother of All Invention!

by Howard G. Platt 111 on December 7, 2010

in Goals and Achievement

Creativity One of The Ten Keys To Personal Power! Creativity is the next key to building Personal Power. This is such a strong characteristic to have and nurture. It is your creativeness that separates you from the crowd and it can open doors for you where you never even thought there were doors to open. […]


Commitment The 8th Key To Building Personal Power!

by Howard G. Platt 111 on December 7, 2010

in Motivation and Ambition

Commitment The Eighth Key In Our Discussion On Developing Your Personal Power. Commitment, whether it be to a job, a relationship, or a profession is one of the hardest processes for people to actually fully follow through with. The majority of  people in this world are not completely devoted to anything. People may claim to […]