Consideration Never Under-Estimate Its Power!

by Howard Platt

on December 7, 2010

in Enthusiasm and Attitude

Consideration The Sixth Key to Developing Your Personal Power.


Consideration is the sixth key in our discussion of the 10 keys to personal power.

You must realize that the quality of your relationships with other people will ultimately determine your success in life.

How well you get along with other human beings, your quality of interaction will determine your degree of happiness, success, the achievements you make or really anything else in life.

People need people for almost everything in life and its the person who shows the most consideration for others that is going to realize more successes in his or her life.

When you are considerate of others it shows, if you are kind and cheerful, thoughtful and forgiving they will react to you with a similar type behavior.

Your outer world is just a mirror of your inner world, so when you display kindness and gentleness towards other people you cannot help but feel good about yourself on the inside.

You truly are improving your own personal development.

I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to make myself feel good all I had to do was make someone else feel good about themselves.

It is a wonderful thing, something we all have total control over.

When you are having a bad day and you just do not feel good inside you can change your thoughts to that of a positive nature just by being extra considerate to someone else.

Consideration Showing Respect For Others!

There is no need to dwell in misery, when you have the power to make someone else feel good it will almost always without fail give you a good feeling about yourself inside.

This is just a terrific way to improve your own personal development.

The way our mind works is really a true gift from God.

You have the ability to always learn new skills and these skills can become wonderful characteristics that you always have the ability to turn to when you truly need them the most.

Showing consideration to others helps build relationships based on true character. Just think how you feel when someone shows you such kindness.

How do you feel? It makes you feel good inside, it gives you that feeling that you really do matter and you look at that person with kindness as well.

It is such a simple little act that can help build relationships when you least expect it.

Every relationship you have whether it is personal or professional requires the act of sincere consideration if it is to have a chance of becoming any type of lasting relationship.

It all starts there and it could all end there to if you chose to show no consideration to the other person involved.

It is as simple as that, if everyone lived by showing kindness to others, oh what a world it would be.

Try this sometime when you’re not feeling that great inside, go to the first person you see and make a deliberate attempt to show that person some extra kindness.

It could be something as simple as offering them a drink or giving them an unexpected compliment on the way they look.

Just watch the smile come over their face and take note of how you feel inside at that moment.

I will guarantee that you feel better than you did before showing that little bit of consideration for someone else.

This type of act shows true character and real personal development.

Consideration Is The Glue That Holds Society Together

That is why it is so important to study and learn these 10 simple keys to your own personal power.

Work them into your everyday life, take charge of how you are feeling by using these life changing characteristics.

The more that you use them the more habitual they will become and you will begin to notice all sorts of positive changes in your life.

Develop the people skills you need to be successful take courses in communication, public speaking and vocabulary.

The size of your vocabulary has a tremendous effect on your ability to speak with the widest variety of people. This is also another terrific way of working on your own personal development.

If you want to show consideration to another person it can be as simple as just communicating with them.

Talking with them in an effective manner and listening to them just as intently shows that you consider them a worthwhile person.

This very act has the potential to improve every relationship in your life.

When it comes to communication you should make it a goal to really improve your vocabulary.

Challenge yourself to learn one new word a day that will result in 365 new words in one year and if you maintained this for just 5 years you would have one of the most extensive vocabulary’s of some of the highest scholars.

With a vocabulary like that your communication skills would skyrocket as well as your relationships with others.

Consideration is shown through educated, accurate communication which may express appreciation or just nice complement.

Your professional life would greatly improve as you would appear to be highly educated displaying strong personal development.

The power of a strong and large vocabulary is absolutely endless.

The person who takes the time to really study and learn the people skills they need to effectively build as many personal and professional relationships as possible will be the person who builds true success in their life.

The ability to show consideration for others, coupled with excellent communication skills, displays the strength of your personal development.

Consideration never under-estimate its power!

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