Personal Development And Positive Self-Expectancy The Key To Uncovering Your Hidden Potential And Talents!

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Personal Development The Journey That Never Ends! Positive self-expectancy is the fuel for any personal development journey because when you expect the best you will almost always achieve the best.

Let’s first discuss Personal Development you have no doubt heard the phrase before but do you really know what it is or the real meaning behind the words?

Personal development is a very individualized process for self-improvement.

There really is no set definition for the words because it’s a process that we all must define individually.

However, the basis of all personal development is to actively and purposely take positive actions towards improving certain areas of your life.

You are making a personal commitment to yourself to attain or achieve a particular goal.

This is precisely why I believe that all personal development begins with positive self-expectancy.

Just as any other goal you have set for yourself you must have a positive expectant attitude if you wish to achieve your goal or goals.

If you don’t believe and expect to achieve your goal you will surely fail, however, if you maintain a strong expectant attitude you will surely succeed.

Positive Self-Expectancy And Personal Development Tips For Winners!

Personal Development Word CloudPersonal Development it all begins with a winning attitude, that inner drive for success. Positive self-expectancy is enthusiasm in action, it’s an optimistic attitude in knowing that you cannot fail.

Optimism is expecting the most favorable result from your own actions. Expecting to win at everything you do is the foundation of all personal development and self-growth.

Optimism is believing in yourself and your abilities and it removes all the fears and doubts that hold most people back from chasing their dreams.

A true winner in life knows that they determine their own outcomes in life.

Winners believe in themselves, they have no doubt that they will be successful at whatever they attempt.

The driving force behind all creative motivating energy is positive self-expectancy and this is why the winners in life are always moving in the direction of their goals.

However, a winner is not only concerned with him or herself they are the ones who contribute to the world, winners give back without question.

You don’t need special attention to know you are a winner, your actions and the positive results they bring is all the reward you need.

Personal Development, Positive Expectations, And Personal Achievement

Having a solid personal development plan in place will open the floodgates to success.

Success can hold many meanings, and as I said it is a very individual process.

I believe true success is displayed in the way you treat your fellow man.

I don’t believe success can be found in the selfish, self-centered individual.

The winners in life do not hoard their success they will go out of their way to share it with the world, and they use it to accomplish good and noble acts in society.

An individual who uses his natural-born talents along with all the skill and knowledge they have developed throughout life to engage in a worthwhile purpose has discovered success, their own individualized success.

Your Personal Development Journey Is Affected By Two Powerful Sets of Great Expectations:

  • First, there are the expectations that others close to you have for you.
  • Then there are the expectations that you have for yourself.

Although we may try to live up to the standards and expectations others have for us, there is no question that the expectations we have for ourselves and our own limitations are what will determine our true success.

Again this is why an attitude of positive self-expectancy is so important to your all-around personal development.

If you believe you can and you are in continual pursuit of your goals success will be there waiting for you every time.

[blockquote]What The Mind Dwells Upon The Body Acts Upon.[/blockquote]

Personal Development Is Specific To Ones On Ideals

In pursuit of your own personal development, there are certain characteristics and qualities that one must obtain and nurture.

We all pretty much know that if we are to achieve any level of real and lasting success we must first determine our own set of personal goals.

When we have achieved having the first quality of a true winner, that of positive self-expectancy we have taken the first major step toward our ultimate end goal.

The true winners in life have a wonderful quality of high favorable expectations. They just naturally expect to have a good day, to get a raise at work, to have a wonderful family life, for their children to do well and excel.

Winners know that their actions will be controlled by their dominant thoughts. That is why they live their life based on positive thinking.

Losers generally expect more of the same frustrations, more problems, the loss of a job, a dull evening, bad service in a restaurant, and failure at every turn.

The losers in life focus on failure and because that is their most dominant thought… they fail.

[blockquote]A Positive Expectant Winning Attitude Is The Real Key To Success And To Living Up To Your Full Potential In Life![/blockquote]

If you are failing at your own personal development, you will begin to feel, act, and live as a loser.

Having such poor expectations of yourself and the events around you has a proven effect on your overall accomplishments and feelings of self-worth.

When you don’t live with a high degree of positive self-expectancy you are choosing to follow the loser’s path and in doing so you will experience many failures.

Such a choice does not only diminish your personal development, it can and will affect your health and well being.

Don’t allow this to happen to you, choose the winner’s path, and leave all the naysayers behind.

An Optimistic, Can-Do  Attitude Will Kick Your Personal Development Journey Into Overdrive!

All really successful individuals fervently desire and expect to win at whatever aim they are shooting for, no matter what curves life throws at them.

Could you imagine being blind and deaf all your life? Most people would think it would be near impossible to achieve any level of success or happiness.

Well, Helen Keller refused to accept any limitations, she was born deaf and blind and yet she graduated at the top of her class in both high school and college.

Helen Keller devoted her life to the service of others and in doing so she lived one of the most fulfilled and successful lives that one could imagine.

She never thought of herself as being handicapped and the word “quit” was not even part of her vocabulary.

She is the perfect example of how one can live and thrive when they choose an attitude of positive self-expectancy, the optimistic attitude of a real winner.

Optimism opens up the whole world to the believers, the ones who expect to be the best and ultimately turn out to be the best.

When you clicked on the link that brought you to my site, you optimistically made the choice of a winner. Rainbow Restoring Optimism

Your positive self-expectancy was working in overdrive, you made a conscious decision to search for something that was positive and beneficial to your overall personal development.

You read the description of the page, and you were looking for some positive hope that there is more to life, and you choose, on your own, to see what you could find.

This was optimism in action, in your search for personal development in some positive way and I hope you find some value here, something to help you in your search to better yourself or to live up to your full potential in life.

Choosing optimism is a no-lose situation, you should fill your days with such thoughts, it will improve the quality of your life in ways that can’t be described.

Have you ever heard the story of the 98-year-old man who planted an orange and grapefruit tree in his yard?

He planted those trees with the positive self-expectancy that when they were to bear fruit in the next 4 or 5 years he was going to enjoy every bite of his homegrown fresh fruit picked right from the branches of the trees that he planted.

Now he had optimism, and it showed all throughout his life and it was for that he had lived a long and prosperous life.

We could all learn a lot from a man like that.

When you always believe in positive outcomes your life will be filled with joy and happiness and that is what personal development is all about.

Personal Development And Building An Attitude of Positive Self-Expectancy!

First, start looking at problems as opportunities, searching for the favorable aspects of every situation.

Next, learn to stay relaxed and friendly, no matter how much pressure and tension you’re under.

In the beginning, you will most likely have to fake it, but the truth is both calmness and courage are learned habits.

There is no better way to learn a good habit than by actually getting in and doing it and living it.

In dealing with other people, instead of griping try praising, in place of cynicism try optimism, instead of being unhelpfully critical, try being constructively helpful.

You know these are learned habits, and everyone is dependent on others for at least part of their own self-expectancy.

For your own personal development, start getting excited and enthusiastic about your own dream, this excitement is like a forest fire, you can smell it, taste it, and see it a mile away.

To Enhance Your Personal Development You Must Always Expect The Best To Be Your Best!

Everybody loves a winner, but nobody crowds around a loser’s locker room, so don’t run around with the doomsayers who look up and shout the sky is always falling.

Optimism and realism do go together, and when you use them in your life you will find that solving problems is never a problem in and of itself.

Pessimism and cynicism are the two worst companions, so you need to surround yourself with positive expectant people, those that have big dreams and worthy goals. They should carry the same excitement and enthusiasm for life as you.

As part of your personal development, you want to explode your human potential and use your talents for the good of your community.

You take on every task with optimism and excitement and it’s that type of attitude that carries you through the rough spots in life and that’s what makes you a winner.

The single most outwardly identifiable quality of a winner is positive self-expectancy, optimism its the key to good health, its the key to happiness and it puts the favorable inclination toward the achievement of every goal you set.

Positive self-expectancy is the winner’s edge, that attitude of inner faith that generates the inner drive to action, which is positive self-motivation.

Enthusiasm, optimism, personal drive, and positive self-expectancy are the ingredients that make for an actionable and successful personal development plan.

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