Building Confidence And Expanding Your Horizons

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 13, 2010 · 1 comment

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Building Confidence sometimes all it takes is a little shakeup of your everyday routine and what better way to accomplish this than to take a trip.

People tend to lose confidence in themselves whenever they step out of their comfort zone.

Building Confidence

Building Confidence Expanding Horizons

It is easy to remain confident when you are on familiar grounds and you have control over the situations around you.

Although once many people take a step outside of their comfort zone their confidence seems to take a  hit because they feel as though they have less control over the situations around them.

Building confidence can be achieved when you start to expand your horizons and experience new situations and circumstances.

With every venture, there is the potential for some adventure. I just made that up. :)

Seriously though when you open yourself up to new experiences you allow yourself to enjoy new sensations.

As you travel to new places your senses are bombarded with new smells, sights, sounds, tastes, and sensations; it provides you with more interests and more to think about.

Travel expands your mind and makes you more interested in the world outside yourself, which in turn makes you a more interesting person and all the while your building confidence as you try new things.

Building Confidence Through Travel

Do you remember the first time when you traveled somewhere new without being in the company of your parents?

Can you remember the feelings which were elicited in you? And do you recall how you felt when you came home and you had so much to talk about and tell everyone about?

Nearly everyone in this situation experiences excitement and a natural high.

You no longer have time to worry about what to say and how to say it; you have so much new “stuff” going on in your head that it just pours out naturally; conversation flows naturally.

You feel comfortable because you know you have a lot of interesting things to say. This makes you feel a whole lot more confident.

I was chatting to a young friend the other day who had just returned from a month in Egypt; she was animated and excited and she was wearing a great big confident smile that spread from ear to ear. She had so much to say!

Pyramids, museums, animals, quad-biking, camels – you name it, she did it! It was great to see her and to listen to her.

I’m not saying that she was not confident before she traveled; I’m merely saying that she appeared more confident and there is no better feeling than building confidence by having fun.

Building confidence through travel is so effective because it gives you a secure feeling of independence.

When young people venture out on their own for the first time I’m sure they are not doing so for the sole intent of building confidence in themselves but it’s an awesome by-product.

Building Confidence By Expanding Your Horizons

It’s a sad fact that the lack of confidence keeps many people from venturing out on their own and the end result is they live a sheltered life never leaving the area that they are most familiar with.

If you think about it, your body and mind are intrinsically linked.

It is a known fact that as you move your limbs by walking or running or any other form of exercise your brain reflects a simultaneous instinctive reaction of moving and stretching.

The easiest demonstration of this is when you notice how ideas pop into your mind when you are out for a walk or a run.

Solutions to problems are generally more easily found when your limbs are moving.

It makes perfect sense that the very act of traveling stretches your mind in a similar manner.

Breaking out of your comfort zone is an act of building confidence and at the same time, it opens your mind to new possibilities.

Traveling to new and exciting places stretches your comfort zone and that alone helps to build your confidence.

I realize that using traveling as a metaphor for building confidence is a little bit of a stretch but you never know how different people will be affected by different methods.

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