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Improve your self-image and you will improve your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your overall feelings of self-worth.

When it comes to personal development the self-image is an important topic but unfortunately it does not get discussed as much as it should across the popular self-improvement sites online.

If you are struggling with feelings of unworthiness, you feel like a failure or maybe you think your life is stuck in a rut that it will never get out of you need to stop everything you are doing at the moment and read this article from start to finish.

I never start off an article with such a strong statement but in this case I know that this is an issue that affects millions of people and it needlessly destroys lives.

If you have kids (teenagers) I would encourage you to share this article with them because teenagers with a low self-image are at a much greater risk of turning to drugs and alcohol and even suicide.

Improve Your Self-ImageI honestly believe this is a silent epidemic and it is so easy to solve but the information has to get out there and parents have to get involved.

Okay that’s it for the lecture.

In this article I will give you a clear understanding of what the self-image is, how it can negatively and positively effect your life and steps you can take to improve your self-image.

What Is The Self-Image, Where Does It Come From And How To Improve Your Self-Image?

The self-image is something we all carry inside of us and unknowingly to most, that image is the most important tool we will ever have to shape our lives. Everything will always depend on our self-image.

The self-image is your own perception of the sort of person you are or have become. It is a picture of yourself which you have built up in your mind based on a number of factors and even if the the image is false and in most cases it is false you still act and live as though it is true.

Your self-image is a by product of how you were treated as a child in conjunction with all your past experiences, good or bad, successes or failures, humiliations and triumphs and how others reacted to you, they all played their part.

A child’s mind is a clean slate until the parents begin to write on that slate and this is why it is so important for parents to be supportive and encouraging and to never demean, discourage or embarrass a child in any way.

Probably the greatest gift a parent can give to their child is a good and healthy positive self-image.

How To Develop And Inspire A Poor Self-Image

Everyday you see or hear people all around you beating themselves up for some of the most ridiculous reasons. Someone spills their coffee and they will say “oh what an idiot I am” or they forgot to do something and they say “I can be so stupid.”

I’m sure if you gave it some thought you could come up with plenty of examples of the same type of behavior.

What do you think this does to the self-image?

It takes an already damaged self-image and cripples it ever further.

Do you ever treat yourself that poorly? If you do you can bet it’s because you have built up an image inside of you that is not very healthy.

If your self-image can stand some improvement you can change it and start getting the kind of results such a change will bring about.

How Do You Improve Your Self-Image?

This sounds to simple and that’s probably because it is but if you want to improve your self-image you have to accept yourself for who you are and to quit wasting your time passing judgment on your own character.

Begin to see yourself as the unique individual that you are and realize that you do have special talents and abilities that are unique to you and you alone.

Stop comparing yourself to others around you and be proud of the things that you can do that others cannot.

We all have our own unique talents and abilities so you can’t possibly measure yourself against the talents or skills given to someone else, they will never match-up and nor should they.

Just think of how unique and special you are, in all the world’s history there will never be another person just like you. Sounds pretty unique and special wouldn’t you say?

Most people who suffer from a poor self-image spend much of their time looking outward, analyzing those around them, they can see the strong points in everyone but themselves.

If this sounds like you don’t you think it’s time to break free from the bonds of self-doubt and the fear that’s been damaging your self-image for so long?

You will never grow as a person until you break free of your self-imposed limitations. You will never surpass the limits of your current self-image.

You can set new limits in place of the old limits but you will never make any progress until you expand or enlarge the image you have of yourself.

To develop a healthy self-image you must begin to look inward and uncover your own hidden strengths.

Once you begin to focus on your strengths and forget about those around you the change in your self-image will be immediate.

Improve Self-Image In The Theater In Your Mind

You are creating your self-image every second of everyday as you play it out on stage in the theater in your mind. This should be of great relief to you because you are the one who controls the whole production.

You are not only the producer, you’re the writer, the director, the actor or actress and you’re the audience. You create the image of yourself as you see it on that stage.

What or who do you want to see up on that stage?

Do you want to see someone who is timid and too afraid to take on any chances in life or do you want to see a strong, independent, successful go-getter?

It’s all up to you because you create the image you see on that stage, everyday, all-day!

Have you been holding yourself back from becoming all that you can be? All that you want to be? All you were meant to be?

If so this should be an exciting moment for you because now you know that you can change the storyline at any moment.

Your self-image is in your hands, it’s in the power of your creative imagination.

All your fear and self-doubt can be a thing of the past, you can decide right now that you are never going to judge yourself based on the merits of someone else.

Your subconscious mind is incapable of distinguishing between an actual experience and the same experience imagined vividly, and in complete detail.

As proven through self-image psychology, we can create any experience, synthetically, we can form any mental picture at anytime giving us an infinite number of successful experiences to fuel and feed our self-image.

You can use your creative imagination to synthetically experience yourself as being, doing or having anything you want or desire. You have the power to overcome any challenge or obstacle that stands in your way.

Everything in your life can now be experienced in either of two ways, positively or negatively, constructively or destructively, the choice is yours.

If you want to continue to damage your self-image just keep your imagination focused clearly on the negative results associated with a poor self-image.

However on the other-hand if you want to improve your self-image you can do so through the positive use of your constructive creative imagination. Everyday you can see yourself on that stage in the theater of your mind, a clear and vivid healthy self-image.

You are never too old to improve your self-image and now you have no excuses for going one more day with a poor self-image.

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