Overcoming Low Self-Esteem For Women

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 11, 2010 · 2 comments

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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem for women. Once you improve your self-esteem you will change your life in every way imaginable.

If you have been struggling with your self-esteem or lack there of trust in the fact that you can and will overcome this and I will do what I can to help.

Do you avoid going out with men because you are too shy? Does your lack of self-confidence get in the way of potential romantic liaisons?

Do not fret too much about this as you are not alone. There are millions of women who experience the same difficulties as you.

Overcoming Low Self-EsteemThe truth of the matter is that most women go through a phase where their lack of confidence and self-esteem prevents them from meeting men and developing romantic relationships.

Fortunately this is only temporary and this phase quickly passes.

For some, however, this shyness can continue for extended periods and can even lead to loneliness and potentially depression.

Women experience shyness for various reasons, such as low self-image or the fear of being hurt, overcoming low self-esteem can and will help with this.

If the reason for avoiding relationships is the fear of being hurt, this may be attributed to a traumatic experience, and if this is the case the best solution would be to seek professional advice to help you overcome this fear.

If your self-esteem is the cause of your shyness, then overcoming low self-esteem will be a lot easier.

There is some information that you need to be made aware of, and as a man, I am probably in the best position to let you in on some secrets.

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem And A Lack of Self-Confidence

Despite their bravado and arrogance, men are far more self-conscience about their appearance than women.

They have to be. In nature, it is the male that has to go out of his way in order to impress the female. This is typically a guys way of overcoming low self-esteem.

This means that he has to look good at all times to show that he is strong and healthy, and is worthy of the attention of females. Why do you think that men spend so much time in the gym?

Do you really think that health is their primary reason for looking good? No, it is all to get the attention of women.

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

The arrogance and bravado being displayed by men is mostly for show. Deep down, men are far more afraid of being rejected than women.

Men who come across as swaggering jerks only put on this act because they know that women want to see a certain level of self-confidence in their potential partners; and sometimes these men over compensate for their lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

So the next time you feel shy about socializing with men, keep these 2 secrets in the back of your mind as this is a sure way of overcoming low self-esteem.

Joining singles events is probably the easiest way to meeting single men because these events create a fun and exciting atmosphere without the added pressure of forcing people together.

This can be a great way to help you get past the shyness barrier as well overcoming low self-esteem.

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Howard G. Platt 111 1 June 13, 2012

Hi Tanya,

Well, I think you know what my answer will be to your question about Positive Thinking : ) YES…Positive Thinking can help with every situation in life BUT thinking alone is not near as powerful as Positive Thinking and “Positive Action!”

I can tell from your comments and emails that you are a very passionate person so I would throw a little passion his way (I absolutely do not mean in a sexual manner). Just show him your strong confident and yet passionate side and see where that takes you.

Best Wishes Always!

Tanya 2 May 28, 2012

Hi Howard its Tanya I’m happy to hear from you that was such a nice email you sent me I really appreciate the fact that you have taken time out to help others even though as you mentioned you are battling personal issues that speaks volumes to me it really does.I know that you have taken a lot of your time and effort on your website you have left no stone unturned when it comes to personal development .You are a very gifted person and I want to send you a ray of positive thoughts energy and prayers because you deserve it. Its a little difficult to get the full benefits of the website as I’m using the internet on my phone which is quiet slow but I’m hoping to repair my laptop in a few weeks so I will be visiting every day. I’m very keen about building my self esteem and I want to work on this as feel this plays a vital part of my every day life I think over the past few years my self esteem issues have lead me to believe that I couldn’t be or do the things other people do. But from what I have learned from you just isn’t you. I’m tired of always shying away from situations that bring me out of my comfort zone. But I always give it a go. For example I don’t like to speak in a room full of people so I got a job in a call centre so you see I’m trying to be the person that I should be (confident) and with your help I know I can. I also think that my self esteem gets in the way of my personal life because I have not been in a relaionship for almost 5 years now I mean I know I’m attractive
(Joking) but is that diffrent from being confident? I need to ask
Because I think I’m ready to find the one. There is this guy that I have known for a very long time , he knows the way I feel about him but he hasn’t really done anything about it so my question to you Howard is can positive thinking bring this guy into my life or do you think that everything happends for a reason and that its just not ment to be?I’m a bit confused but that’s enough about me ,you may or may not know but I’m from london and it
Is 11 pm I’m sitting on my balcony just looking out into the night stars and I just want to tell you to keep up the hard work. Thankyou from the top of my head to my toes.
I look forward to hearing from you.