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by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 11, 2010 · 1 comment

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Success, a simple word with such huge implications. We all want success in our lives and why not, we all deserve it. No one is here on this earth to be just mediocre.

Nobody’s life is intended for failure, I believe we were all meant to achieve the kind of success that is right for us as individuals, anything less would be a betrayal of our deepest calling.

Settling for less than our own personal forms of success is a recipe for unhappiness and regret.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe once said

“The man who was born with a talent which he was meant to use finds his greatest happiness in using it.”

Success is inevitable when we use our talents constructively and we all have our own unique talents.

We are all called to excellence, to explore it, to create it and to experience it. We all have talents that we are here to discover, to develop and to deploy into the world for the good of others as well as ourselves.

This is a true gift lavished upon all of us and we all have a reliable way to answer that call, a simple straight forward enthusiastic drive for achieving personal excellence.

The wisest people who have ever lived have seen that true success is not just the result of luck or accident, genuine excellence is no fluke. Genuine excellence and success is the outcome of attitude, talent, skill and hard work.

The Qualities of Success Just 7 Simple Steps

Success and Perseverance

To Succeed is to Persevere; To Persevere is to Succeed

The most successful throughout all of history have met seven specific conditions for success.

Any situation can become part of your personal journey of excellence when you follow these seven conditions of success, which apply equally to work, family life, friendships and personal challenges.

Each condition is vitally important but the sum total of all seven is genuinely amazing.

Together they give us the most powerful framework of ideas imaginable for achieving positive results in our lives.

For True Success We Must Meet These Seven Conditions:

  • A clear conception of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined
  • A strong confidence that we can obtain our goal
  • A focused concentration on what it takes to reach that goal
  • A stubborn consistency in pursuing our vision
  • An emotional commitment to the importance of what we are doing
  • A good character to guide us and keep us on a proper course
  • A capacity to enjoy the process along the way
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Personal Success And Achievement Transform Your Entire Life!

The Seven Conditions of Success

These seven conditions of success you can look upon as your toolkit for achieving remarkable accomplishment in your life.

They are not magical, they will not turn couch potatoes into decathlon champions overnight, they cannot guarantee anyone a million dollars, world fame or the presidency but they are extraordinarily powerful tools for helping us make the most of our lives and energy’s, starting now!!

I had not figured on a specific number that would compile the conditions for achieving success in life. I just simply cast my net as widely as I could.

I read through the books of many of the great thinkers throughout history, I analyzed the stories of truly successful people and I interpreted my own experiences as I narrowed my research down to these seven irrefutable conditions of success.

I believe you will find as you think about each of these conditions that you have been acting in accordance with at least some of them already in accomplishing any of the good that you have already achieved in your life.

My hope is that as you read through the pages of this web site you will obtain a greater awareness and understanding of each of them as well as of how they relate to each other in the overall framework of satisfying success.

It is my personal goal to present this information in such a manner that it will make it much easier for you to test the whole framework in your life, and that as a result you will also come to experience the great power of this toolkit, for true success.

Winston Churchill once said “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.”

Are you doing all you can to become a success? If you are not sure ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have you ever read a book or come across an idea that made a positive difference in your life or in your work in an ongoing way?

If you have, think about how and if not; Why do you think you never had such an experience?

  • Do the seven conditions for success that I have laid out for you seem at all familiar to you in your own life?

Which of them represent your strengths and which represent your weak points?

  • Do you think that any one of these seven conditions for success is a problem for someone you work with or someone in your family and if so precisely how?

Ask yourself is there anything that you can do that may help them to overcome a stumbling block.

A truly successful person will be the first to help others achieve any particular level of success.

The seven conditions I have spelled out can help you move farther along the road to accomplishing any good thing you desire. You can use them to effectively pursue whatever you want in life.

The first question to ask yourself is; What do you really want and is this right for you?

To answer these questions you must consider the following; Your talents, experience, relationships, commitments, your likes and dislikes.

Do you want to increase your income or do you want to be better known for what you do?

Do you ever think about impressing your friends and colleagues with some astonishing new victories?

Have you yearned for a promotion or do you dream of landing a big client?

Would you like to make a bigger difference for good, in the lives of people around you?

Do you want to be better at what you are doing or would you like to change course at this point and do something very different with your life?

How about your relationships are they being cultivated to the best of your ability?

How is your family life, could it be better than it is, what can you do to improve things?

Do you consider your spiritual life have you set aside the time you need to grow and nurture yourself spiritually?

How about the physical you, how are you doing, are you rested, do you eat right and get enough sleep, is your body as active as it needs to be?

How do you feel about your overall contribution to the community around you, do you do enough for others sharing the best of who you are and what you have or could this use some improvement?

If you engage yourself and adopt these seven conditions of success into your life you can create new relationships, improve old ones, work more efficiently, accomplish more and attain greater health in your outer and inner person and find deeper satisfaction in everything you do!

Now I ask you; Do you have a more clear vision and/or understanding of what success is as it relates to you and you alone?

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