Loss of motivation destroys that driving force that keeps you going when it seems as though everything else is against you. It seems that when life is getting the best of us, the first thing to go is our motivation, and yet this is the time when we need it the most. When you lose […]


Goals, a clear conception, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined, this is where it all begins. We all have habits that were developed early in life, some of them are helpful and others are clearly not.                                                                                                                      There is one habit that most of us acquired in our school days which is very deeply entrenched […]


Personal Development The Journey That Never Ends! Positive self-expectancy is the fuel for any personal development journey because when you expect the best you will almost always achieve the best. Let’s first discuss Personal Development you have no doubt heard the phrase before but do you really know what it is or the real meaning […]


Enthusiasm or Enthusiastic It’s Tough To Have One Without The Other! Enthusiasm is what ignites your drive and ambition to succeed at any endeavor. One can never be too enthusiastic providing your goals are in alignment with your integrity. The saddest days of our lives are those that we can find nothing to be enthusiastic […]


Enthusiasm Power Only An Enthusiast Can Enjoy! Enthusiasm is one of the greatest of human traits a person can have. An old Chinese proverb said “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” People are attracted to people who care. If you are enthusiastic about your work other people will be attracted […]

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Enthusiasm Ignite The Greatness Within You! Enthusiasm Is The Driving Force Behind All Success, Jump On The Enthusiastic Bandwagon Today! Enthusiasm is such a powerful tool when it comes to improving your personal development. I am going to define it according to the dictionary and then I will tell you how I define it in […]


Positive Thinking Quotes to read through for when you’re feeling a little down and could use a little help to see all the good things life has to offer. Everyone experiences those times when nothing feels good and even though you cannot see it at the time you know those times will pass. Reading through positive […]


Personal Development Tips that you can use immediately in your journey for self-improvement and personal growth. Personal development is the deliberate act and intent to better oneself beginning with the strengthening and progressive growth in your areas of weakness. I have studied the habits of hundreds of successful men and women and have found that […]


Positive Self-Motivation is that personal inner drive to achieve and succeed in the face of any and all challenges in life. Positive Self-Motivation is the characteristic of a real winner in life. A self-motivated person will run circles around one that lacks motivation and they will become the leaders in society, business, church functions or […]


Motivational Quotes For You To Read Through For Those Times When You Could Use Some Positive Motivation! Motivational Quotes Can Pick You Up When You Are Feeling Down! I like to read through them when I just want to relax for a while. As I come across some quotes that I think you may like […]


Positive Thinking For 2013 okay I realize I am running a little late this year but as they say; “better late than never.” Well if you watched my new welcome video you already know why it has taken me until the the 4th of June to write my annual positive thinking for the new year […]