Becoming More Positive Simple Secrets To Living A Successful Life

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 7, 2010 · 5 comments

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Becoming more positive is an act of the will and all our will power comes from the mind and our thoughts. Learn to control your thoughts and you will have mastered your ability to become more positive at any moment in your life!

Improve Your Life By Learning The Secrets To Becoming More Positive.

Becoming more positive in the way you view and live your life is a choice and once you make that choice a reality you will begin to see and achieve more success than ever before.

Securing the positive belief in yourself to accomplish any task you take on will increase the certainty that you will be successful.

With every success, you achieve your self-confidence will grow and as you become more confident you will begin to set even more goals to achieve.

Becoming More Positive Smile among Frowns

Becoming More Positive Smile All You Can

When you strive to become more positive your new positive attitude will energize you in ways that you have never felt before.

A strong positive, expectant attitude is going to give you that can do type feeling and you will begin to take more positive actions in your life.

Nothing is just handed to us in life but obtaining higher levels of success comes much easier to those that have a positive belief in their abilities.

It has been researched and proven over and over that positive thinkers enjoy more of the wonderful benefits of life.

When you are optimistic about your day you will have the energized momentum to just drift past the difficult times.

You will enjoy better health, less stress and you will be more productive at any task at hand and just by becoming more positive you will enjoy more success, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

Positive thoughts motivate you, they keep you more focused on all the good in the world. An optimistic mind will generate positive emotions which in turn will generate positive outcomes of the many adventures of your life.

Becoming More Positive Is A Commitment of The Mind

Becoming more positive is to make a commitment to yourself, your life and the lives of those around you. Positive thinking is more than just putting on a good face when things are not going so well.

To truly embrace positive thinking would show that your an optimist, someone that expects the best and therefore achieves the best.

This means that you have an unwavering belief that the future is bright and your situation or your life, in general, will constantly improve.

Maintaining a positive attitude allows you to become more focused on an exciting future and it keeps you from being dragged down by present moment realities of negative situations.

Your commitment to becoming more positive and your optimistic behavior will help you to see those negative moments are just fleeting specs of time and they do not define your life or your future.

All negative thinking is driven by fear and if you have the strength to project the brightness of your future into your present moment of distress, then you have succeeded in becoming more positive and you are no doubt enjoying the real-life benefits of maintaining a positive attitude.

Positive thinkers are not just wishers, they are true believers, they have unwavering faith in the fact that all negative situations will get better and they work hard towards making it so.

Many people pursue true happiness throughout their lives but very few discover the real satisfaction of living a life of perpetual joy.

So why is it that some appear to have it so good in life while others are constantly struggling along?

The Secret Lies Within Your Attitude.

Successful people come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors but they all have one thing in common, a winning attitude.

When you commit to becoming more positive you project yourself into a world of action as opposed to that of negative thinking which only results in indecision and inaction.

Positive Thinking Evokes More Energy, More Initiative And More Happiness

Becoming More Positive awakens your inner spirit and drive which in turn causes you to take positive actions and in return, you enjoy many positive results.

It really is an excellent cycle of positivity and once you get a taste you will never go back to your old negative ways.

For you your future is always bright because you choose to create your future by believing in it, focusing on it and working towards it with strength and conviction.

Becoming More Positive In All You Do May Take Some Effort However The Payoff Far Outweighs The Amount of Effort That You Invest.

I practice this simple yet effective act every day of my life and you may want to try it yourself.

Visualize your future as being successful and full of joy and keep that picture in your mind at all times. Figure out what you have to do to actualize your success and then get started!

When you are on the path to an exciting, positive future, even if your just getting started, you will enjoy working towards the successful achievement of all your goals

When you commit to becoming more positive you can use the power of visualization to help keep your mind focused on improving your attitude.

Every day take some time to practice visualizing yourself as being a positive, optimistic outgoing person.

As you become more positive you will soon notice that every area of your life is getting better, you will excel at your job or school work, you will attract positive people into your life and you will develop a positive attitude in everything you do.

If you do not have much experience with visualization I would recommend that you get your hands on “The Power of Visualization” By Dr. Lee Pulos. This is a 6 or 8 CD audio program that covers every aspect of visualization and he helps to guide you through a few different visualization sessions.

If you are truly making a commitment to becoming more positive visualization will help you to get there much faster.

The Power of Visualization Can Help With Your Commitment To Becoming More Positive!

Becoming More Positive Power of Visualization ProgramVisualization training has only been available from experts in sports psychology and personal trainers. It has never been available in any easy-to-learn self-training system. Until now.

If you learn the secrets to becoming excellent at the practice of visualization then learning the secrets to becoming more positive in everyday life will be a breeze.

The Power of Visualization can transform your life. However, if it is to have any lasting effects you must have an attitude of positive belief.

Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.

I hope you take these Self Improvement Ideas to heart because I promise once you begin to take action everything in your life will improve.

Becoming More Positive Is An Act of Will and Desire and Anyone Can Enjoy The Benefits of Living a Positive and Focused Life!

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Howard 1 November 22, 2011

Hi Chloe,

I definitely appreciate the comment, I started this site so that I could share my experiences and help others so I welcome any comments, questions or advice that will help me to get my message out there in a way that is helpful to others.

I actually get a little frustrated because I cannot keep the site as updated as I would like but I am working on beating these medical issues and when I do I will be able to devote much more time to this site.

Thank you again!

Howard 2 November 22, 2011

Dear Sikha,

You have the right attitude when things are not going our way then we have to act. However there is no shame in crying I have poured out many tears myself but I use those feelings to help get myself back on tract.

Best Wishes To You!

Chloe 3 November 16, 2011

Hi Howard,
Yet again I love the content of this article, but I would like to reccomend something if i may. Being at the begining of my journey to positve thinking, I would really like something a little more direct and kind of bullet pointed. You see I feel it is quite difficult to start on this path if you have been negative for so long and I feel that I kinda need telling what to do. I wanted to see the tips clear as day. For example, 2 tips that I picked up on from your articles were ;wake up every morning and tell say out loud ‘this is going to be a great day’, and ;’visualise your future as being successful and full of joy and keep that picture in your mind at all times. Figure out what you have to do to actualize your success and then get started!’

I hope this helps in some way :)

sikha 4 November 6, 2011

thanku for the great thoughts.i really really need it…i cried a lot.but nothing i know that its time to act rathar than crying……..:-)

R 5 September 7, 2011

Very interesting