Consistency The Seventh Key In Our Discussion To Developing Your Personal Power!

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 7, 2010 · 1 comment

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Consistency Is The Seventh Key In Our Discussion To Developing Your Personal Power!

Consistency shows your desire to follow instructions and complete tasks in a well-formed manner. The effort to accomplish tasks in the same manner time and time again.

In developing our personal power this ability is crucial, it shows people that you are one who can be counted on to consistently get the job done. Consistency is one of the cornerstones of success and personal achievement.

ConsistencyThis way of living relates to our personal relationships as well. If you cannot count on someone to relate to you in a semi-predictable manner it makes for a very strained relationship.

People need consistency within their relationships otherwise they are in the dark when it comes to truly knowing their mate.

People have more respect for the person they know they can count on based on their past behavioral patterns. No one wants to walk in on someone and have to wonder what type of mood they will be in this time.

This characteristic is key in both your personal and professional life. One who is consistent in his or her job is someone that is dependable, steady, and predictable at work.

When you are dependable, steady, and predictable at your work this is far superior to spurts of genius. It is the consistency of a person that allows them to accomplish more over a given period of time.

Consistency In Your Belief’s And Attitude

All the other 10 Keys to Personal Power are just about useless unless you have some consistency in your effective use or practice in the use of every trait.

If you do the right thing once but not the next time the situation presents itself it is almost useless to distinguish yourself as a person of character because you lack consistency.

It is the strength of mind that leads you to uphold the powerful characteristics of a successful person. Anyone can present themselves in a positive way if they don’t have to follow through with the real-life actions that determine that person to be one of high character.

Consistency Is Staying On Task

Developing these 10 Keys to Building Your Personal Power will not happen overnight however if you are consistent with your efforts the rewards will be great.

It is my goal to show you how building these into your life can and will have wonderful, lasting results that will benefit you forever.

If you only live up to your potential for a limited amount of time you will never truly obtain any type of success in your personal or professional life.

You must demonstrate the strength of character every day and live your life based on these 10 Keys to Personal Power on a consistent basis, otherwise it really doesn’t mean a thing if you pick and chose when to use these personal characteristics.

When I began my study of personal development it was done so that I might find some nuggets of knowledge that would help me mentally deal with the pressures of life.

The more I learned and the more I absorbed I realized that much of the knowledge I was gaining was all inter-woven with all the personal development principles I have been studying.

Soon I began to realize that personal improvement was a never-ending task. The information that is available is infinite, almost in relation to the problems that one could face.

I just have to tell you that I studied these 10 Keys to Personal Power until I had the principles of each one of them down to complete understanding. When I began to implement these strategies into my life with some consistency that was when my personal growth became most evident.

I realized that no matter how hard the battle was that I was personally fighting I could turn to these principle characteristics for the strength to overcome some really self-defeating thoughts.

Consistency In Your Attitude As Long As It Is Positive Displays Your Strength of Character!

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