Learn How To Use Daily Affirmations For Positive Personal Achievement

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 7, 2010 · 15 comments

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Using Daily Affirmations To Improve Your Life Everyday In Every Way Possible!

Daily affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself repeatedly in an effort to affect a positive change in your life.

Daily Affirmations Flower Words For The Soul

Daily Affirmations Calm The Mind

Affirmations are simple, short messages they are not meant to be complicated, confusing or negative in anyway.

To ensure the effectiveness of using daily affirmations you must try your hardest to fill them full of emotion and desire.

A positive expectant attitude will strengthen your affirmations and you will attract people and circumstance into your life that support your positive thoughts.

When you are saying them to yourself you do not want to just repeat them over and over, they must be repeated with emotion and conviction for them to have a true affect on your life.

Using daily affirmations to bring about a desired situation is a very positive way of controlling what goes on inside your mind and in the environment around you. You have the power to draw positive events into your life.

The whole intention is to embed the positive thoughts into your subconscious mind. You see the way we talk to ourselves, repeating these statements over and over causes us to take what we say to ourselves as the truth.

You must take control of your thoughts because the thoughts you choose to think and believe in the moment are creating your future. These thoughts shape and form your experiences every minute of your life.

This self-talk that carries on within your mind may be positive or negative, your subconscious mind just accepts them as your reality.

If you repeat a thought long enough and with feeling your mind will accept is as the truth. Keeping your dominant thoughts positive and focused on that which you want will ultimately shape your life to conform with your thoughts.

A pattern of Positive thinking will empower you to remain vigilant in your efforts to continually stay focused on your desired goal.

Repeating daily affirmations will always have a positive effect towards the achievement of your goal or goals.

The more positive you keep your affirmations the better chance you have to attract good things into your life, ultimately helping you to reach your goals much faster.

By consciously using daily affirmations you can direct your subconscious mind to change your attitude, habits and your overall behavior.

The positive change in your life could be immediate or it could take some time to take effect. It all really depends on your desired goal and the strength of the emotion you put into each affirmation.

You must develop an attitude of true belief in that what you say to yourself will really occur.

Having a positive expectant attitude just means that you truly expect a positive outcome based on the thoughts you choose to shape your life.

Daily Affirmations Display A Positive Expectant Attitude!

I personally use daily affirmations to help keep my mind and mood positive and productive. The benefits you will get from training your subconscious mind to work in your favor are limitless.

When repeating the daily affirmations it is imperative that they are spoken in the present tense and that they are of a positive nature.

For example if your desire is to simply have a happy day, one filled with joy and good events you would say to yourself “I am having a terrific day I could not be more happy.”

This affirmation is short, simple, positive, personal and in the present tense.

If you concentrate on this statement and you continually repeat it to yourself you will attract positive events into your life and you will greatly affect your attitude and your outlook on life in general.

Keeping your mind continuously occupied with positive self-talk leads to an overall positive mental attitude.

You end up feeling better, you enjoy your day because you are focused on positive results.

Daily Affirmations Using Them To Turn A Bad Day To Great Day!

The use of daily affirmations is so powerful, not only can you experience immediate results such as an upbeat attitude due to the mind becoming focused on positive events but you will also have lasting long term effects as your subconscious mind begins to accept your affirmations as reality.

This practice of positive self-talk can lead to the achievement of the goals you have set for yourself.

Positive self-talk, daily affirmations and positive thinking make the perfect combination for achieving personal success.

Daily Affirmations For Success:

My Own Strength To Live My Life With Awareness Is An Inspiration To Others
I was born to succeed, not fail. Failure was something I was taught by others.

Daily Affirmations have to be just that—Daily!

If you only repeat a positive affirmation for just a few minutes and then you allow your mind to be taken over with negative thoughts you have basically done away with any possible positive effects.

Whenever you’re not engaged in something particular, use that time to repeat some daily affirmations for something that you have a strong desire to manifest in your life.

Get into the habit of noticing when your mind is free and you can start to program your subconscious mind with positive affirmations.

The more you do this the easier it becomes and the more positive your overall mental attitude will be.

When using your daily affirmations try to release all tension, take some slow deep breaths and allow yourself to relax.

I Feel Secure In The Knowledge That All I Need I Have Inside Myself

The stronger your concentration is and the more feeling you associate with the affirmation the stronger and faster your results will show.

Use the strength of your daily self-talk to build strong positive beliefs, expect the events or circumstances you saturate your subconscious mind with to become your reality.

One habit that I began years ago is to carry a small journal that is filled with affirmations with me at all times.

Persistence is the key to success for using Daily Affirmations

Use Daily Affirmations To Achieve Your Dreams

Whenever I have some free-time I break out my journal and I try to memorize the daily affirmations that I choose to repeat at that moment.

Not only do I try to memorize the affirmations I will always add a few each day.

Sometimes if I am not feeling that great I will simply repeat over and over “I like myself….I like myself….I like myself” and as silly as that may sound it has a wonderful affect on my mood.

Soon I will notice I am feeling better and I even get a little smile on my face. It is such an easy thing to do and it is so positive in that it keeps your mind focused on a positive thought leaving you with a great attitude.

That is the whole purpose of using daily affirmations, that is to stay positive and focus on things that you desire, defeating all the negative from even entering your mind.

To Follow Are Some Examples of Some Daily Affirmations That I Use To Improve My Attitude:

  • “I feel terrific today it’s a beautiful day.”
  • “I am totally relaxed and in control of my thoughts”
  • “I am proud of how I choose to live my life”
  • “I like myself”
  • “I appreciate and love my wife”
  • “My beautiful Daughter Leah Grace brings me more happiness than I could ever wish for”
  • “I am happy and I have the mental strength to overcome my health issues because I am in control”
  • “I have the mental strength to overcome any adversity and I share my knowledge with others”
  • “My wife, my son and my daughter are my greatest treasures”
  • “My joy in life comes from my heart and I can spread my joy by opening my heart to others”
  • “I love to be around others and people like to be around me”
  • “I am a winner and I will always be a winner”

You see the daily affirmations are short they are simple they are positive and they are in the present tense. They do not have to and they should not be complicated.

Do you realize that you are the only person in the world that can use the word “I” when referring to yourself.

I Am The Creator Of My Own Life Through My Thoughts Which I Control!

Whenever you catch yourself having negative thoughts immediately turn it around and start repeating some positive daily affirmations, the immediate change in your attitude will feel wonderful.

Practice using affirmations everyday, try to get in the habit of being aware of your current thoughts and take control of those thoughts, always keeping them positive and focused on goal achievement.

Repeating daily affirmations with faith, and attention, changes what your subconscious mind accepts as truth, which in turn transforms the way you think, your habits, attitude and skills, and this helps you create a better life and attract new opportunities.

What you continually say to yourself is exactly what you will get. Your self-talk, what you say to yourself in your mind in words, thoughts or feelings will determine your life and reality and everything you experience.

If you constantly abrade your mind with negative thoughts and you focus on or expect problems and difficult situations that is exactly what you will attract into your life.

However on the other hand if you focus on success, positive events, prosperity and personal achievements then you will experience all of those.

The strength of using positive daily affirmations can attract all these things into your life.

The great power the mind holds to think and imagine what does not currently exist to manifest it into our lives is an incredible amount of power and control that we all possess.

Through the use of daily affirmations and the power of envisioning your ultimate life you can change your reality and create better situations and circumstances for yourself.

You too can change your reality by changing your beliefs and focus, use the power of daily affirmations to construct the life of your dreams and always maintain a positive mental attitude.

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Hillary 1 July 15, 2014

Hi Howard
Thank you so much for all this motivational and inspiring stories/lessons and words. I realy needed it, it helped alot and I feel much better after reading through it. Keep up the good work and God bless.

Terese L Hawkins 2 July 13, 2014

I was looking for some positive affirmations with images regarding achievement and was drawn to your site. I enjoy the article. It is on point with it’s subject. Good job. Fine article :-)

Howard Platt 3 February 1, 2012

Hi John,
Thank you for visiting and for your comment. However concerning your comment I would have to completely disagree. I don’t understand why people need a scientific reason to prove or disprove the effectiveness of using daily affirmations. I do appreciate your opinion but I might point out that you will most certainly find the evidence you are seeking however that is ONLY because you have taken such a negative approach. When we look for the bad, the ugly and the evil that is precisely what we will find.

If defies all logic to say that filling the mind with joyful and positive thoughts will have no positive effects on one’s life. I guarantee that if you took a positive approach to your work or research you would easily find the positive results that you seek. Life is too short and too precious for you to spend your talents in efforts to disprove something that so positive, something that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people or more.

As I said I sincerely appreciate your comment because it does open a dialogue which gives me the opportunity to motivate others into trying something that can only have positive results. I apologize for doing this but I cannot allow you to post a link to your site when I know that it can only have a negative impact on my readers or anyone who is looking to improve their life. Repeating positive daily affirmations has help me countless times over the past 30+ years and they have lasting affects.

I wish you well my friend!

John 4 January 20, 2012

I wish what you wrote was true but I’ve been researching self-help affirmations and haven’t found much scientific evidence for them. I’m writing about it on my website. I certainly don’t believe I have all the answers, which is why I’m researching scientific journals on the subject.

Howard 5 January 1, 2012

Hi Again J.R.,

I hope you don’t mind but I would like to introduce you to my readers. I am beginning to feel some pressure in my head and my eyes are getting blurry so I will have to make it a short into for now.

For all my readers! – J.R. otherwise known as Professor Necessary is truly an incredible person with a heart as big as the sun. You would never know it by the way he keeps himself busy but when I first met J.R. he was 89 years old and he was working on putting together a comic routine to help lift the spirits of the residents at an elderly home. Now J.R. is not a resident he still lives on his own but he dedicates his time and energy into brightening the days for those who may not have any other family or friends. I could go on and on about how incredible this man is but as I said my head is beginning to hurt and I want to get through the rest of these comments. But trust me J.R. is one of a kind and I am very privileged to be able to call him my friend.

God Bless You J.R.

Howard 6 January 1, 2012

Hi J.R.,

You already know my answer to that : ) It’s great to see you on the site.

Take Care My Friend!

J.R. Necessary 7 December 28, 2011

Howard..Great definiton and the purpose of Affirmations. I plan to use about 50-60 of my affirmatons illistrated in color by a Ball State Uiversity, IN art student in my Affirmations . presentation Thanks. J.R. Necessary, retired professor, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

J.R. Necessary 8 December 26, 2011

Howard: I just finished reading this article…super GREAT…I have colr afirmations slides I plan to use in my presentation…Affirmations-The

j.r. necessary 9 December 26, 2011

Howard..a Great research article on Affirmations…I have some great affirmation slides which an artist at Ball State University did for me when I was employed as a Professor tere. I would like to extract some of your ideas from this article prior to showing about 60 Affirmation slides..would that be OK with you. J.R. Necessary title of my presentation is The “Necessary” Ideas for a Happy Life.

Howard 10 December 3, 2011

Thank you Sriniva, I wish all the same for you as well.

Take Care!

Howard 11 December 3, 2011

Thank you Darla I love to hear it when someone finds what I share here to be helpful.

Take Care!

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Darla McNiel 13 November 26, 2011

Your website is great. Thank you for your time and energy

Darla McNiel 14 November 26, 2011

I am jsut now after 16 years of knowing about affirmations, starting again. Your article is excellent. It covers a lot of ground.

jojo 15 October 21, 2011

Inspiring. I think I needed this. Thanks.