Decisions The Focal Point of Success

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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Decisions we are all faced with hundreds of decisions all the days of our life but but it is the achievers in life that know exactly how to deals with all the choices one has.

A decisive person will achieve more in a day, week or month than one who lacks the ability to make decisions quickly!

DecisionsOne required quality of any leader is decisiveness. Making decisions big and small is absolutely essential when serving as a leader.

Decisions need to be made on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, and when they are delayed the work flow becomes bottle necked. You can learn to make quality decisions by forcing yourself to make some.

People erroneously believe that if they postpone making decisions, they are incubating better ones. This is just another excuse in the long line of excuse making when it comes to decision making.

Think about it. If you decide not to decide, you have made a decision! This indecision may buy you a little time, but it also gives you a delayed start.

Decisions of Any Kind Are Part of Every Day Life.

Small decisions should be made quickly. Larger decisions made only after gathering all the pertinent facts.

Each decision needs to be addressed on its own merit. Decisions as to what to eat for lunch, what to wear to the next social you attend, and what color is best suited for your new drapes are all important but do not require much time to make.

However, decisions about your definite major purpose, your mastermind alliance, and your values and beliefs affect you for a lifetime and need to be given careful consideration.

Making such decisions takes some extra thought and maybe the help and input of those that are important to you. But no matter what advice may be given the ultimate decision must be in alignment with what you truly have your heart set on.

By focusing on your long-term objectives when making daily decisions, you are building the foundation for your lifestyle brick by brick, or decision by decision.

In considering a career, it is imperative that you make decisions that align with your career of choice.

You cannot have a criminal record and remain a respected leader. You cannot abuse substances without career repercussions.

You cannot be lazy and expect to make great strides.

It all takes self-discipline , a positive mental attitude, controlled attention and effort, as well as a plan in place. By making good decisions you build a good life.

It has been said that where we are today in life is just a reflection of all the decisions that we have made along the way.

Each decision points us in one direction or another. If we make decisions by whatever way the wind blows, we will never arrive in port.

But, if we persistently make decisions in the direction of our true north, we will arrive at our destination on schedule or maybe even ahead of time.

Decisions Are The Precursor To Success

Commit to being a decisive decision-maker.

Make decisions that lead to your ultimate goal. Do not permit procrastination to undermine your effectiveness.

Set your course to your ultimate purpose, and let the decisions you make bring you to your destiny one decisive decision at a time.

Decisions…The Importance They Play in Displaying Leadership!

Success comes more rapidly to those persons who can lead and supervise others. Despite popular misconception, leaders are made – not born. But they are self-made. You -anyone–can be a leader. But only you can make yourself into one.

The most outstanding quality of leadership is willingness to make decisions. The person who won’t or can’t make decisions – after he has sufficient facts on which to base them – can never supervise others.

You can train yourself to make decisions quickly and with minimum of fretful worrying. It’s a matter of habit. You can develop the good habit of deciding now, immediately, on a course of action or you can develop the bad habit of procrastination.

Learn, first of all, to distinguish between big and little decisions – those which have highly important risks or consequences, and those where the outcome makes little difference.

Make little decisions as rapidly as possible.

Give yourself more time on the big ones, to make sure you have all facts in hand and have related them carefully from the standpoint of logic.

But set yourself a definite time limit — and when it expires, make your decision instantly. And remember, once you’ve made a decision, never look back at it to wonder — or regret — what might have happened had you taken another course.

Such contemplation is useless. It merely takes your mind off the new decisions that will inevitable be facing you.

By demonstrating a willingness – and eagerness, even — to make decisions you will show others that you are willing to accept responsibility. Recognition of that fact will bring you the respect of others.

By consciously trying to shorten the time it takes you to make a decision, you’ll help yourself develop stronger initiative, better judgment, a more flexible attitude and open-mindedness.

In short, adopt an aggressive attitude toward decisions. Seek them out and make them! In doing so you’ll find that often you’ve prevented little problems from becoming big ones.

If there’s a decision to be made, don’t let it lie there and hope it’ll go away. It never will.

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