Loss of motivation destroys that driving force that keeps you going when everything else is against you. It seems that when life is getting the best of us, the first thing to go is our motivation, yet this is when we need it the most. When you lose all the personal drive to keep moving […]


Commitment The Eighth Key In Our Discussion On Developing Your Personal Power. Commitment, whether it be to a job, a relationship, or a profession is one of the hardest processes for people to actually fully follow through with. The majority of people in this world are not completely devoted to anything. People may claim to […]


Decisions we are all faced with hundreds of decisions all the days of our life but but it is the achievers in life that know exactly how to deals with all the choices one has. A decisive person will achieve more in a day, week or month than one who lacks the ability to make […]


Common Sense The Forth Key In Our Discussion On Developing Your Personal Power. To prevail through all the twists and turns in life common sense must prevail! You can be one of the most intelligent people on earth but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you posses the common sense to use your intelligence wisely. With […]