Enthusiasm Is One of The Most Powerful Characterics One Can Have!

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Enthusiasm Power Only An Enthusiast Can Enjoy!

Enthusiasm is one of the greatest of human traits a person can have. An old Chinese proverb said “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” People are attracted to people who care.

If you are enthusiastic about your work other people will be attracted to join in with you and help you take that work to the next level.

Nothing worth doing can be done by one person in total isolation from others. We need other people and they need us!

Enthusiasm PowerIf we show enthusiasm for what we are doing others will be drawn to our enterprises. No one wants to be around a “Grump.”

We all crave the positive energy of life, the exuberance, the joy, the pure love of life and when we see that in another person we want to be around that individual.

When people see this energy in you they will want to be around you.

The Famous actor Clark Gable once remarked “The only reason people come to see me is because I know life is great and they know I know it.”

Do you realize how great life is?

Do you inject your enthusiasm into every venture you endure?

In addition to its attractive energy, enthusiasm has another attractive quality, it can be extremely contagious!

It has been noted throughout history by all the great thinkers that we become like the people that we are around.

In the world of animals this is called imprinting, a baby duck picks up how to act from the mother duck, a puppy learns from the elder dog.

The same thing goes on in human life, the more attractive a person is the more likely others are to imprint off that individual and enthusiasm of the right sort can make an individual very attractive. The energy of the universe glows through him or her.

The Power of Enthusiasm Business

In a business context nothing could be more important, one properly enthusiastic person on a team can ignite other members to a warmer glow of emotional energy, two can set a team on fire.

On the other hand “Gloom” can be contagious as well, but people tend resist gloom.

Deep down everybody wants to be committed to something so properly displayed enthusiasm is one of the most attractive, infectious characteristics imaginable.

It has been said “That nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm,” author unknown but I am certain that I read the quote elsewhere.

Enthusiasm can become a habit like most anything else. I am an enthusiast about almost everything I do it is the most beneficial way to engage most every situation in this world.

I remember when I purchased my first mp3 player, I was so enthused about it I just had to show it off to anyone who would listen.

Due to my radiant excitement many of those I so enthusiastically shared my newest possession with started showing up with one of their own.

Enthusiasm is attractive, contagious and energizing.

Your own enthusiasm gives you an immediate point of contact with other individuals of superior quality who because of precisely this may become to see in you, something of themselves.

Washington Irving wrote “Enthusiast soon understand each other.”

I think nothing could be more true, just think a moment when you meet someone that is just so full of enthusiastic energy can you not relate to their exuberant feelings.

I mean don’t they just make you feel better no matter what the situation?

Enthusiasts do understand each other and since we all want to work with other people we understand, enthusiasts throughout the world tend to work with each other at the highest levels of any enterprise.

Therefore I enthusiastically conclude; It is a very good thing to be an enthusiast.

A quote by Clarence Day said “You can’t sweep other people off their feet if you can’t be swept off your own!”

Obtaining The Power of Enthusiasm

If you find yourself having trouble with a lack of enthusiasm just remind yourself of the elements of its genesis.

  • First you must be interested in what you are doing, fascination is best. If you don’t have it do what it takes to get it!
  • Second, you need a strong desire for what you are pursuing. If the old pursuit has run out of steam, then you need a new pursuit, right away, within the job, attached to the job or if all that is really impossible and you enthusiastically tried your best, within a new job.
  • Third, overcome any emotional blockages to enthusiasm by transcending the negative and imaginatively nurturing the positive. Give yourself a big picture of what you are doing, find something to love about that job and cultivate that love. Set goals whose attainment will bring into your life things that you deeply desire and when you achieve them celebrate that kindheartedly.

Once you achieve your goal you must renew your vision. Chart out a strategy for pursuing your new goals, launch out, keep your head up, stay on course and indulge yourself in a little passion or rather a lot.

It is only when we have a strong feeling of enthusiasm for what we are doing if we are going to stand any chance of enticing others to join in the delight, over the long run!

Enthusiasm Will Give You The Desire To Reach Greater Heights In This Life!

Ride the biggest wave of enthusiasm you can find to take you where you really belong!

Ask yourself these four questions:

Number 1) How do you handle anger?

Number 2) How do you handle frustration?

Number 3) What are you most enthusiastic about in your work right now? What can you do to share this enthusiasm with other people?

Number 4) What are you most enthusiastic about in your private life, right now? How can you share this enthusiasm with the people around you, appropriately?

A quote from William Shakespeare:

“A business that we love we rise by time and go to it with delight.”

Whatever you do, never fall prey to the non-enthusiast!

If you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, get out of there as fast as humanly possible!

We live in a marvelous time in history, the doors to success are all around us but it is up to you to open those doors with desire and enthusiasm!

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