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by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 8, 2010 · 4 comments

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Improving Self-Confidence Takes Desire And Action. Do you have the confidence to go after the things you really want out of life or do you just accept what life gives you?

Do you believe there are no limits to what you can achieve in your life or do you settle for mediocrity?

After reading this article and watching the video you will have the strategies and techniques you will need for improving self-confidence, self-esteem and your personal power.

To get the most out of this article make sure you read it through to the end and then come back and watch the video for some additional tips for improving your self-confidence and be sure to leave me your comments or questions and download the Free eBook at the end of this post.

Tips For Improving Your Self-Confidence A Short Video

I am confident that you will be fully equipped to begin building your new life on a solid foundation of self-confidence.

With A high degree of self-confidence, the doors to success are wide open and nothing can hold you back but yourself.

Before We Go Any Further, Let’s Agree Upon A Solid Definition For What Self-Confidence Is:

Self-Confidence is the outward expression of an emotion that communicates to others that the individual in question displays the following characteristics:

  • Has A Firm Grasp Of Reality And The Work That Needs To Be Done.
  • Has A Major Purpose They Are Diligently Working Towards.
  • Believes To Their Core That They Can Provide A World Class Solution.
  • Moves Calmly In The Direction Of Their Vision Undeterred By All Circumstances And Naysayers.

Improving self-confidence in your life is one of the best actions you can take to improve your overall personal development.

Strategies For Improving Self-Confidence Follow These Tips and Success is Yours!

Have you ever noticed that all great men and women who have done, or are in the process of doing, important work have the attribute of high self-confidence?

Is there any doubt why these people tend to be successful?

How do you feel when you come across someone you respect who appears to have a plan and communicates through their body language that they confidently have the ability to execute?

Most of us feel very good because deep down this is an attribute we all strive for.

These individuals are seen as…well in simple terms “Hope.”

In a world full of worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety perpetrated by the media and individuals with a negative mental attitude, it is refreshing to see someone with high self-confidence.

Now That We Have A Working Definition For Improving Self-Confidence, How Do We Cultivate It Into Our Lives?

Improving Self-ConfidenceThe first step is understanding exactly who you are in terms of:

Your values, beliefs, and philosophy of life.

You must determine your perceived strengths and weaknesses in the major aspects of your life such as your health, relationships, business, career, and overall personality traits etc.

The next step is to clearly understand what you want out of life.

Most of us set our goals not based on what we really want but more towards what we know we can do or at least think we can do.

We need to have a clear purpose that can be emotionalized to serve as our foundation for improving self-confidence.

We need that drive or that extreme desire to go after what we want.

The third step is to realize that thoughts are things and they need to observe and respect.

Based on improving self-confidence through the actions we must take in the first two steps we have to put our thoughts into writing.

The process helps to clarify your thinking to ensure you develop a laser-like focus and desire that is necessary to achieve your goals.

After you write down your thoughts and set the goals you need to answer the very important question “Why do I want it?”

Do not just write down obvious answers, dig deep and find a reason that really evokes emotion in you.

Demonstrate self-confidence here and really strive for something big, believe in yourself, believe you can accomplish anything put before you.

The fourth step is to condition your mind. Improving self-confidence comes from conditioning your mind on an ongoing basis.

You can do this through the process of auto-suggestion which is how we affirm our beliefs and impact our subconscious mind.

As you build your belief and fill it full of emotion, your subconscious mind listens and then controls everything you attract into your life in terms of people and resources.

Improving Self-Confidence Begins When You Take Action!

This process is critical and it must come before you take any sustainable action.

You need to clearly see yourself being successful at the task at hand right down to the very last detail.

As you visualize your success over and over in your mind, your self-confidence will just radiate to everyone you come into contact with.

The fifth step is a heightened sense of awareness. When improving self-confidence it is a must that you are aware of how you come across to others.

You must become extremely aware of how you dress, how you move, how you greet people, your posture when you sit and when you stand, and the tone and fluctuation of your voice.

In short, every perceivable attribute that can be observed visually along with your body language that is observed at a subconscious level must be considered.

A professional is at their best all of the time, always remember this. I am not saying try to be what your not, you always want to be you but now it is going to be a better you by improving self-confidence these actions will become easy for you.

The Six And Final Step To Improving Self-Confidence Is For You To Take Action.

Taking action shows to your subconscious mind that you are serious and not a wishful thinker. Improving Self-Confidence

As you take action, the conscious and subconscious mind work together to build momentum in the direction of your definite purpose.

Taking action helps you develop a healthy obsession for what you want.

As you think about these six basic steps, I want you to make a commitment to objectively and honestly examine yourself in relation to the above every three months.

If your not improving self-confidence then you must make the necessary corrections to get yourself back on course.

This process ensures that you are internally aligned and when this happens because of you improving self-confidence everyone you meet will see the results.

This self-confidence will, in turn, draw the people and resources you need to fulfill your vision.

As you fulfill your vision or goal you will use this positive experience to give yourself even more confidence and momentum to drive forward towards the completion of more goals you have set for yourself.

This my friends are the secret to how the most successful go about improving self-confidence.

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Howard G. Platt 111 1 April 9, 2012

Hi Selma,
You are absolutely correct, if you present yourself with confidence it can only help to improve your self-confidence.

Thank you for visiting!

selma 2 March 27, 2012

Nice post, I think for self confidence the better thing is speak clear and direct with all people , looking their eyes, lossing our shame

Howard G. Platt 111 3 March 22, 2012

Hi Georgina,
With faith, a strong belief in yourself and taking continuous actions towards self-improvement you cannot fail. You were born a winner belief in that and improving your self-confidence is a sure thing.
God Bless You!

georgina 4 March 22, 2012

thank you very much you have help me know what i lack in myself,I pray by the steps you have talked about i will improve.God bless you