Low Self-Esteem Follow 10 Easy Steps For Improving Low Self-Esteem!

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 8, 2010 · 6 comments

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How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem. On This Page, You Will Find Some Easy-to-follow Tips For Improving Your Self-Esteem and developing Greater Self-Confidence And Positive Self-Image.

Low self-esteem is based on the internalization of value. A person will never be more important than any other person, regardless of looks, status, or birth. Each of us is equally valuable and worthwhile.

We live today in a selfish society. We are struggling to move from the me generation to the we generation.

The preoccupation we have with self-gratification and self-indulgence is narcissism.

Narcissism is all around us; you see it in designer jeans for tots, an obsession with youth and beauty, too many Christmas presents around the tree and an unhealthy emphasis on material possessions.

Narcissism And Low Self-Esteem Go Side By Side.

The word esteem means “to appreciate the value of.” In human beings, low self-esteem is the destroyer of all success.

Low Self-Esteem

When we are filled with low self-esteem, it destroys our ability to love ourselves.

We allow fear and doubt to keep us from achieving greater heights personally and professionally.

We lack the self-pride it takes to accomplish any worthy goals.

The key to overcoming low self-esteem is hidden within years of self-doubt and a poor self-image.

Acceptance of ourselves, as we are right now, is the first crucial step to developing a solid and healthy positive self-esteem and self-image.

It is a parent’s job to instill these beliefs in their children.

You want your children to be strong and confident, especially in adversities. You want your children to feel a sense of responsibility – a desire to do the right thing without falling prey to peer pressure.

The wrong crowd will most likely influence a child with low self-esteem.

“Self-Esteem Is Seeing Ourselves As Worthwhile, Changing, Imperfect, Growing Individuals.”

Although we are not all born with equal physical and mental traits, we are all born with equal rights to feel worthy of excellence according to our standards.

The feeling of internal value is the key to being of value to others. When we are lacking in a sense of internal value, it is when we are plagued with low self-esteem.

10 Action Steps For Improving Your Low Self-Esteem!

  • Always Greet People You Meet With a Smile.

When introducing yourself in any new association, take the initiative to volunteer your name first and always extend your hand, looking the other person in the eyes as you speak.

  • Answer the phone pleasantly, immediately giving your name to the caller.

In all your telephone communications, remember those points and do them before you ask the caller’s name.

Whenever you call somewhere where someone you do not know might answer, always give your name upfront before you ask for the party you wish to speak with. Leading with your name underscores that a person of value is calling.

These simple acts can help boost your low self-esteem. You are treating yourself as someone important; in essence, you are.

  • Listen to motivational, inspirational, or personal development audio programs.

Every time you hop in the car, listen to self-development programs of an educational nature. Automobiles are the best rolling universities in the world. We all spend a lot of time in cars, so why not try to work on some low self-esteem?

Take An Active Role In Improving Your Low Self-Esteem!

  • Invest in your knowledge. You need to get off the sidelines and have the confidence it takes to work on building your self-esteem!

Enroll in an extension or seminar class in some personal or professional development aspect. Make the bookstores and health clubs your new hangouts instead of a happy hour.

  • Be very accepting of compliments and always say thank you; anything less insults the one giving the compliment.

It does not matter who the compliment comes from, and the reason does not matter either. Don’t try to play up or down what was said; accept it.

A person with low self-esteem often finds it hard to accept compliments because they don’t value themselves.

  • Don’t brag or show off, as this is a personal assault on your character!

The showboats, braggarts, and blowhards are desperate for attention. Never toot your own horn, and don’t call out for attention; people who do this sort of thing are Low Self-Esteemcalling out for help. These are the acts of someone with very low self-esteem.

  • Don’t complain about your problems to those who are not involved; all this accomplishes is to make that person want to avoid being around you.

If someone is not directly involved with the solution, they don’t want to hear about your problems.

Don’t be the type of person always making excuses for things. Successful people seek those who look and sound successful.

Always speak affirmatively about the progress you are trying to make.

  • Pattern yourself after successful role models.

When you meet someone successful, listen and learn as much as possible. This is especially important when they have conquered something they fear and are getting as educated as possible. This is a surefire way to overcome a feeling of low self-esteem.

  • Look at mistakes as learning experiences.

If you are ridiculed or rejected for mistakes, look at the ridicule as ignorance. After a rejection, which can cause low self-esteem, concentrate on your positives, blessings, accomplishments, and goals.

Look at rejection as part of one performance, not as a turndown or the performer.

  • Spend this Saturday doing something you want to do.

I don’t mean next month, I mean this Saturday. Enjoy being alive and being able to do it. There will never be another you, and Saturday will be spent no matter what.

Why not spend at least one day a week on you?

There Is No Better Way To Improve Low Self-Esteem than to Honor Yourself.

Follow These Action Steps For Improving Low Self-Esteem, And You Can’t Go Wrong!

Accept yourself as you are; you can do anything you ever dreamed of doing or becoming.

  • Don’t ever think, not even for a second, that you wish you were someone else.
  • Learn to handle criticism and how to grow from it.
  • Never feel guilty for engaging in a little selfish behavior.
  • Expect and accept compliments from others because you are entirely worthy of everyone.

Most importantly, always respect yourself in every way, talk to yourself respectfully, and remain positive in all situations.

Refuse to accept having low self-esteem, believe in yourself, and keep strong positive thoughts about your life and your achievements.

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Howard Platt 1 February 1, 2012

Thank you Ruth!

Great to have to here!
Happy New Year!

Ruth Pierre 2 January 23, 2012

Great useful info.

Howard 3 October 12, 2011

Dear Hopeful,
We all can use a little inspiration from time to time. Hopeful (as in your name) is a good start but you will begin to see much better results in life when you begin to Believe with all your heart in whatever it may be your shooting for. If you begin telling yourself that you are more confident, you have clear plans for your life, you can clearly see yourself achieving whatever goal you are working on that is when you will begin to see real and positive changes in your life.

Always maintain a Positive Expectant attitude and you will be blown away by your results just by taking on this one approach.
I Wish You Well!

Hopeful 4 October 4, 2011

Your sharing is giving me some of the added inspiration I need to develop a deeper sense of self confidence; and figure out what it would mean to take charge of my life again. Of course… That is always easier said than done.

Howard 5 October 2, 2011

Thank You and God Bless You!

Odoh patience jen. 6 September 28, 2011

You are the very best thing that has happened to yourself; cos you are fearfuly and wonderful made, after his creation he said: all is beautiful. Value yourself for you are the best!