Negative Attitude

A Winning Attitude! What does it mean to have a winning attitude? I discuss the importance of maintaining a positive attitude throughout this site, yet the topic seems never-ending. I spent the past five days in a hospital bed fighting a bout of bilateral pneumonia. Two nights ago, the coughing was so bad I could […]


Learn how to use the power of the mind to move beyond the fears holding you back from realizing your true potential in life. We all dream about success and success comes in many forms It’s unique to each one of us. For some success might be more money and for others it might be […]


How To Defeat A Negative Attitude! Due to some harsh emails and comments, I have received I feel I should point out the fact that this article deals mainly with the effects of harboring a negative attitude along with some specific actions one can take to try and overcome the negativity. This particular article does […]


The¬†Power of Negative Thinking is immense and it can over take your life, your dreams, your hope and your happiness. In this article you will learn the techniques and strategies to help you bring an end to your negative thinking for good! We all want to live happy successful lives and we all can but […]