Power of Negative Thinking And What You Can Do To Defeat It

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on June 12, 2011 · 6 comments

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The Power of Negative Thinking is immense and it can over take your life, your dreams, your hope and your happiness. In this article you will learn the techniques and strategies to help you bring an end to your negative thinking for good!

We all want to live happy successful lives and we all can but it is up to us to break our focus on those streaming negative thoughts corroding our minds.

Negative Thinking Tennis Balls

Power of Negative Thinking

Success, beyond anything we might now imagine lies in wait for those who can put together enough courage to actually live the life they imagine.

However to truly live a success filled life you must first overcome the power of negative thinking, if not it will surely keep you from reaching your dreams.

If you can imagine yourself living a success filled life nothing can stand in your way except for yourself.

Anything that you can see with clarity in your mind’s eye you can achieve.

Most people live in two worlds.

First there is the real world the one in which they move and work and live and then there is the world of the imagination, the world they would secretly like to live in.

The Power of Negative Thinking

So what keeps most people from moving from the real world to the world of their imagination?

The answer is “habit, fear and The Power of Negative Thinking.”

Henry David Thoreau  once said:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Most people allow fear to stop them from chasing their dreams.

They fear that they will not succeed or that they will fall flat on their faces in full embarrassment in the eyes of their loved ones and friends.

This is a clear and blatant demonstration of the Power of Negative Thinking.

Most people never chase their dreams for fear that they might lose that which they already have. They foster their negative attitude allowing it to control their lives and keeping them from chasing their dreams.

The Power of Negative Thinking And Breaking The Bonds!

If only we could get it straight in our minds that life pays off most handsomely when we are doing that which we most want to do, when we are living the life that we have imagined for so long.

It is when we break free from the Power of Negative Thinking we then find the strength to follow our heart, to pursue and to live our passions.

We all know what we want out of life, we can feel it with ever fiber of our being. It’s that idea that tugs at us day after day year after year.

It’s the dream we imagine as we lie awake in bed at night and we think about it every time there is a lull in our day. It is the dream that forever invades our consciousness.

You have this dream, we all have this dream it is the beautiful life we imagine but sadly it is the life that very few will ever realize because they just don’t believe they deserve it.

All too often people allow their fears, worries and doubt stop them from ever taking that leap of faith to living the life they deserve, the life they imagine day after day. This is the Power of Negative Thinking!

Negative thinking will take your dreams, your greatest desires, your hope and it will crush them all as though they never existed.

Negative destructive thoughts destroy any chance of you reaching your goals or even worse yet it will keep you from ever setting any goals for your life.

A life without goals is worse than mediocrity it is one that lacks hope, pleasure and enjoyment. Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings this is how you break free from the Power of Negative Thinking.

Day in and day out render these questions to yourself.

What am I thinking right now?

What am I focusing my thoughts on at this moment?

Make this a habit!

It will be difficult at first but I promise you if you can stick to it for just 21 days from then on it will just be a natural part of your day.

So why ask yourself these questions throughout your days?

This is how you will overcome the Power of Negative Thinking. This is you engaging your personal power to take back control of your life.

By asking yourself these questions you awaken the power of awareness. You will catch yourself in the midst of negative thinking and you will shatter its pattern.

Negative thoughts corrode your consciousness and distorts your perception of what happiness really is.

Most people believe the fallacy that happiness hinges on pleasant circumstances and congenial surroundings.

People tend to believe that if their circumstances were better they would be happy but this yields no truth.

If one cannot find happiness in their daily life now, unless they wake up they may never be happy regardless of their circumstances. This is the Power of Negative Thinking!

Genuine happiness is hidden in the quiet simplicities and fundamental virtues of life and these cannot be purchased at any price.

If you fail to maintain positive thoughts and feelings, if you do not break free from the Power of Negative Thinking you will find it difficult to see that you already have all it takes to be happy.

Everyday of our lives is either successful or unsuccessful.

Having A Vision And Following Through Is A Great Benefit To You And Your Life.

If you permit the success of your days to depend upon things such as the weather, the talk and actions of those around you or if you concentrate on the things that you don’t have instead of all those that you do your day will not be successful.

We were not put on this earth to live dull, unsuccessful lives fostered by negative thoughts and feelings of sorrow and self-pity.

We all shape our world in our own likeness and if it is not a happy world that is because of how we choose to see it. This is the Power of Negative Thinking!

Make a conscious effort to learn something of value from every situation that has not turned out as you had planned.

Transform your thinking from thinking that something is bad to trusting that regardless how negative it seems, there’s something positive to be gained from it.

To overcome the power of negative thinking there has to be a desire, you must want to change things with such conviction that you will look for the good and the positive regardless of how elusive it may be.

If you follow these simple strategies for overcoming the Power of Negative Thinking everything about the way you live will change for the positive, success and happiness will become a sure thing.

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Mike 1 April 23, 2012

This is a powerful article! You have an awesome way of explaining things. The power of negative thinking is unreal and it has sidelined my life for years but now I have some tools that I am excited to put into action.

I’m going to kick the crap out of negative thinking and like you said, “take back my personal power.”

Thanks man this is a great site!

Howard G. Platt 111 2 April 23, 2012

Hi Mike,
I have an older brother with that name : )

Thanks for the terrific feedback, I love to hear when someone really understands the message I am trying to portray and I love it even more when I know they will put it to work in their own life. With an attitude like your’s you will “kick the crap out of negative thinking.”

Take Care My Friend!

Howard G. Platt 111 3 April 19, 2012

Please do! I always try my best to reply to all comments and emails I receive so if I could understand his question I could give an appropriate response.

Fuad 4 April 11, 2012

i can translate it 4 u

Howard G. Platt 111 5 April 9, 2012

I appreciate you visiting my website Shivendra, however I cannot translate your message so all I can do is thank you for visiting and offer you my best wishes.

Be Well!

Shivendra 6 April 9, 2012

Thank you sir, but meri problem yah hai ki mere sath jab bhi kuch bura hota hai tab se 1 week tak thik rahta hu uske bad mai apne ap negative think karne lagta hu like as jab kisi ladki ko dekhta hu to uske figure ke bare me sochana, study karte smay bina matlab ke bate yad ana…. Mai eske liye kya karu pls rply me