Positive Thinking And Positive Self-Talk Is A Combination For Happiness And Success!

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Positive Thinking And Positive Self-Talk Together Can Create A Positively Wonderful Life!

How Positive Thinking May Be Blocked By Your Own Inner Dialogue or Self-Talk! Positive thinking can and will change your entire life.

Maintaining a positive attitude can and will help you to deal with and manage many of life’s challenges.

A positive attitude brings optimism into your life and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking.

What goes on in your mind affects your entire life.

When you focus on the negative things in this world you will only attract more negativity into your life.

The ability to focus your mind towards positive thinking all starts with your own inner dialogue.

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to maintain a positive and optimistic mood. However, positive thinking is a critical aspect of living a fulfilled and successful life.

One of the biggest influences that we can use to our advantage in life is oneself. In particular, we can use our thoughts because they influence our feelings and therefore can have a profound effect on how we deal with life in general.

Our current mental attitudes positive or negative are habits we have developed over the years based on the feedback of our parents, other friends, and family as well as society and yourself. It is these attitudes of habit that forms our self-image and our world-image.

We maintain these habits of attitude with the conversations we perpetually have with ourselves both consciously and subconsciously.

Positive thinking and negative thinking are the byproducts these inner conversations so if we are to change our way of thinking we must first change the conversations we have with ourselves.

By learning to control our self-talk and turning it into positive self-talk rather than negative, which most people do unconsciously throughout the day, you can begin to gain more control over every aspect of your life and make essential changes.

Your ability to succeed in life largely depends on your ability to deal with the different circumstances and situations of everyday life.

Positive thinking helps to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and in turn, this gives you the motivation and ambition which is necessary to achieve success at any level.

Conversely, a negative attitude is characteristic to those with very little self-esteem and confidence which in turn leads to a lack of motivation and ambition.

With a positive attitude you look at life in a different way you see opportunity at every turn and when faced with a difficult situation you embrace it as being a learning tool so you are consistently moving in the direction of your goals.

Your quality of life is based on how you think and feel from moment to moment and changing the way you think can drastically change the way you see your life.

Positive thinking will always give you a better picture of your life and the adventures that lie ahead.

The person who goes through life optimistically with a positive attitude is better able to deal with life and the problems which it sometimes throws at us.

Positive thinking allows you to bounce back and recover from problems or setbacks in life. The optimistic person will see the problem for what it is, nothing but a temporary setback which they can overcome.

When you look at life in this optimistic way you have the ability to take full control over your thoughts and feelings and turn a negative situation into a more positive one.

Since thoughts can either be positive or negative and you can only have one thought in your mind at any one time then choosing a positive thought will keep you much more optimistic.

Positive thinking and optimism lead to a more productive and happy life allowing you to achieve your goals. The development of a positive mental attitude is all based on your own self-talk or your inner dialogue.

Suppose your self-talk is mainly negative?

That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to an unhappy life. Negative thinking and self-talk just mean that your own perceptions, lack of information and distorted ideas have overpowered your capacity for logic and reason.

These are the times you have to be strong. You have to constantly ask yourself “What Am I Thinking?” and if it is a negative thought…CHANGE IT. You have that power, your mind can only hold one thought at a time so you must choose to make it a positive thought.

If you notice you’re focused on negative things, immediately change your thoughts to positive thinking. Focus on something happy, a vacation you took with the family, a special accomplishment you had, anything that gets your mind focused on positive thoughts.

Taking control of your own inner dialogue is crucial to you living a happy fulfilled life. You can choose to focus your mind on the positives in this world and when you do you will draw positive events into your life.

Positive thinking leads to positive living, if you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and over the long run make you happier and much more successful.

Positive Thinking Methods To Destroy Negative Thoughts

Some common forms of negative thinking and irrational self-talk include:

  • Filtering.

You magnify the negative aspects of a situation and filter out all of the positive ones.

For example, say you had a great day at work. You completed your tasks ahead of time and were complimented for doing a speedy and thorough job.

But you forgot one minor step.

That evening, you focus only on your oversight and forget about the compliments you received. This is very self-destructive, you owe it to yourself to be proud of the good that you do. Right at this moment, you should concentrate on positive thinking.

You should absolutely take control of your thoughts and your own self-talk. You can control the situation in your mind, just visualize all the good that you did.

You must form the habit of believing in yourself and focusing on all the good that you do. Take control of your mind and focus on the positive things in your life. When you do this you will fill your mind with positive thinking.

  • Taking Things Personally.

When something bad occurs, you automatically blame yourself.

For example, you hear that an evening out with friends is canceled and you assume that the change in plans is because no one wanted to be around you. This is far from positive thinking, you are letting your mind control you instead of you controlling it.

Sometimes we can be our own worst critic. Think good of yourself be proud of who you are. Take pride in the fact that you have friends focus on the positive don’t create unreal situations.

If your mind was focused on positive thinking you would never have to battle the thoughts that destroy your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Misleading Damaging Thoughts.

You automatically anticipate the worst. You refuse to go out with friends for fear that you’ll make a fool of yourself. In this case, you show no control over your mind or your thinking. You have the ability to believe in yourself and improve your self-esteem, but first, you must begin with positive thinking.

Or one change in your daily routine leads you to think the entire day will be a disaster.

Accept the fact that bad things will happen but allow them to be just fleeting moments.

Don’t make more out of a bad situation then it really is, except that something went wrong and just move on. “Milk Can Only Be Spilled Once” clean it up and move on. Actually, take a minute and laugh at yourself for creating the situation.

Defeating Damaging Thoughts By Practicing Positive Thinking.

Keep that mind focused on good and positive things.

  • Polarizing.

You see things only as either good or bad, black or white. There is no middle ground. You feel that you have to be perfect or that you’re a total failure.

Everyone has range, sometimes things go alright and sometimes they don’t. Learn to accept it and you will feel much more empowered. Anything less is just giving in to the negatives that are bound to happen in life, this can all be defeated through positive thinking.

I am telling you that this really works, you fill your mind with positive thoughts, focus on the good things in life and you will be a much happier person.

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

THAT is The Power of Positive Thinking. As much as you believe, that is what you shall receive.

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Positive thinking does not mean you must have the absolute clearest functioning mind 100% of the time. You are bound to have some weak moments. But the key to successful living is to limit those moments too as few as possible.

You should use positive self-talk throughout the day in order to establish a new thinking pattern. You will probably have established a pattern of negative thinking for many years and this will take time to overcome.

To start with you should aim to repeat positive self-talk or affirmations around 50 times throughout the day, this can be achieved by repeating positive statements quietly to yourself or out loud.

Positive self-talk can be used for many different aspects in your life, it can help you to overcome difficult situations, build your self-confidence, help you to quit bad habits, recover quicker from illness or make changes to your life in general.

Positive self-talk can and will lead to positive thinking and when you are focused on positive thoughts good things will start to appear in your life. So start using positive self-talk right now.

Positive Thinking phrases or sentences that can be used in positive self-talk include:

I have an interesting challenge facing me – this could be used when a problem occurs in life or there is some difficulty, rather than looking at the situation in a negative way and thinking I have a problem, thinking of it as a challenge is a way of using positive thinking to overcome any problem.

I like the person I am – this could be used to bolster self-confidence and gain respect about yourself and the person you are, similar statements could be “I am the best”, “I am a good person” or “I have many excellent qualities.”

I know I can do this – this could be used if you are faced with a certain task that you would previously doubt yourself capable of conquering, similarly you could say “I have the ability to conquer this” or “this does not pose a problem for me.”

I am full of health, energy, and vitality – this can be used to encourage good feelings about your health either after you have been sick or while recovering from an illness.

I am fulfilled as a person – this can be used to encourage good general positive thoughts about yourself and the world in which you live.

Positive Thinking And Positive Self-Talk Keeps You Feeling Terrific Inside.

I continually ask myself “What am I thinking right now?” and if it is not a positive thought I change it immediately. You can do this for yourself.

Your mind can hold only one thought at a time if you focus on positive thinking there is no room for negative thoughts.


Positive Thinking Has So Many Implications In Your Everyday Life.

The thoughts you send out to others will have a far greater impact upon you than upon them.

Unlike a material possession, when you release a thought or give it to someone else, it also stays with you. It may remain buried in your subconscious long after your conscious mind has forgotten about it.

Like chickens that return to the coop at night, such thoughts may flash into your consciousness when you least expect them.

When you focused on positive thinking, you never have to worry about the damage you may do to yourself through negative thinking.

Cheerful, productive, happy thoughts that are buried in your subconscious mind bring positive results when they recur, and by their presence, they encourage the maintenance of a positive attitude in all that you do.

Just stop dreading on things that went wrong in the past, you can improve your entire outlook by focusing your mind onto positive thinking.

When you put out positive thoughts you attract positive situations into your life.

You should make the choice right now to live a better life, a life filled with the joy you bring about through the use of your mind. Positive thinking is a way of life and you make the decision on which life you will choose.

A Life That Is Led By A Strong Positive Attitude And Continuous Positive Thinking Is Destined For Success And Fulfillment.

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