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by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 9, 2010 · 2 comments

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Positive Thinking and personal achievement learn how a simple change in your attitude can help you to succeed in both your personal and professional life!

Achieving the success you desire does not have to be as challenging as you think.

You were born to achieve great things with your life, however you have to believe that you were meant for greatness and that you have what it takes to reach your full potential.

Positive Thinking Positive thinking is those mind-altering thoughts that allow you to see and feel all the good that life has to offer. One who maintains a positive, expectant attitude will experience positive and desirable events in their life.

Someone who sets challenging goals and really goes afterlife with an enthusiastic drive will achieve more success in their life than they could ever dream.

Life should be an exciting adventure with everyday offering up new and exciting challenges that draw out the best in all of us.

There is an abundance of opportunities for those who choose to go afterlife with a positive, strong healthy attitude.

When you live working towards what you really want you will find yourself much more driven and less likely to be beaten down by the challenges you face.

We all have a choice to make every day as we get out of bed, we can choose to look at life as a wondrous adventure or we can choose to look at the day ahead as a dragging heap of negativity.

When you live your life based around positive thinking you will unleash the ideas and energy for achieving just about anything, but if you allow yourself to focus on negative, relentlessly draining thoughts that is what you will experience a dull and dark life lacking joy.

So it is all up to you, within you is the power to choose, you can be a happy goal-setting machine that looks at life as one big adventure, your mind can be continually focused on positive thinking and it will show in everything you do in life.

Positive Thinking Is Not Wishful Thinking

It is time for you to tap into your invaluable mental resources and free yourself from the imaginary chains of fear, doubt, and negativity.

When you break through the success barrier once and for all, you’ll wonder what was stopping you, to begin with.

One of the strongest influences over your life and your attitude is your inner self-talk, when you lose control of that voice in your head you lose control over your life.

How you talk to yourself within your mind controls how you handle the events in your life. If you allow yourself to constantly experience negative self-talk you will experience negative events in your life.

However, if you take control of that inner voice and you keep it focused on goal achieving positive, strong, expectant thoughts then you are guaranteed to experience positive outcomes in your life.

Sometimes that voice in your head can get the best of you and when it does it will fill your mind full of some of the most self-defeating negative thoughts. This is why you need to focus on your self-talk all of the time.

If you focus on your self-talk you will be able to catch it as soon as it starts to sway towards those negative thoughts and swiftly draw it back into positive thinking.

Having control over our minds is one of the greatest gifts that God gave us all.

You really do have the ability to change what your inner voice has to say but the only way that you can do this is if you keep yourself focused on what is going on inside your mind.

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts you must decide right there and then that you are going to change the focus of your mind towards positive events in your life and focus on going after the goals you have set for yourself.

When you establish this type of mindset you will develop the determination to set challenging goals for yourself.

All successful people are extremely goal-oriented, they know what they want and they are Positive Thinking Goal Achievingfocused single-minded on achieving it every day.

They use positive thinking to keep a strong commitment to the goals they set. They are filled with a burning desire to achieve the best.

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Positve ThinkingAll successful people are intensely goal-oriented. They know what they want and they are focused single-minded on achieving it, every single day.

When you begin to live your life based on the goals you set you will notice everything begins to change for the positive. Positive Thinking and goal setting go hand in hand.

Back to our discussion, it is important that as you achieve one goal there is another one in place you must always be striving to work toward a predetermined plan.

You must embed these goals into your mind with full commitment and continually think of them this will keep you excited and motivated.

You must set a number of small goals that when completed lead to the completion of a major objective in your life. Can you see how this will give you direction, a path to follow?

Commitment is absolutely necessary you have to totally commit to your plans and whatever steps it takes to reach them. You must have a complete commitment to learning new tasks needed to achieve exactly what you want.

Positive thinking will help you maintain an excited, enthusiastic drive to achieve all your goals.

I learned this many years ago even before the major illnesses in my life took away my ability to work for some time.

I would set my goals down in writing and I would review them every evening. I would rewrite them every morning when I woke and this helped to embed them in my subconscious mind for the entire day.

I never stopped this practice and for this reason, I have been able to work past my health challenges and stay excited about the direction I had chosen.

I cannot really tell you if it was my goals that kept me on a course of positive thinking or it was my positive attitude that gave me the drive to keep setting goals.

I truly believe you can’t have one without the other.

The key is to identify what you really want in life and to set precise goals around those desires.

For your own personal development, you must find a system that helps you maintain a good and positive attitude full of positive thinking and to live your life by constantly setting challenging goals.

There are many different resources available through books, CDs, personal development courses, audio programs, and much more to assist you in obtaining these special and crucial qualities.

Positive thinking will help you to maintain the drive you need to achieve all of your goals.

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Howard Platt 1 March 4, 2012

Hi Sandy,

I think that is terrific and I guarantee that you will notice a huge change in how much you can accomplish.

Than you for visiting!

Sandy 2 February 28, 2012

Thank you for the tip. I will write my present and future goals down daily. I read them out loud and I will also keep this practice of writing them down.