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by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 9, 2010 · 9 comments

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Positive thinking empowers and strengthens your resolve to create and live your ideal life! Start thinking positive today and enjoy a better tomorrow! This is not just my opinion or some theory. The human mind is a unique and powerful tool, and the best part is that you have access to this magnificent tool every minute of every day.

Our lives are determined by the choices we make, and knowing that you have the power to choose a positive attitude over a negative one, you have to see that you do have the control to make your life as happy and fulfilled as you would like it to be.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude is by far one of the most powerful means of controlling one’s circumstances and life outcomes.

When you feel positive and optimistic, you begin to see and realize all the favorable opportunities waiting for you to grab hold of and achieve all you were meant to accomplish in this life.

The only limits to one’s level of success and happiness in life are the limits one places on themselves.

Isn’t it time for you to stop limiting yourself and start going after anything and everything you have ever wanted from your life?

Taking total control over the thoughts that go on inside your head can help you live the life you may have only dreamed of. So instead of just dreaming about it, you should get busy living it. You do possess the power to turn your thoughts into your reality, and for as long as you believe you have that power, you will have it.

Positive Thinking Goes Far Beyond Positive Dreaming

Positive thinking is powerful, but it is also a choice. You get to make it every second of every day, and if you choose to live with a positive attitude, I promise you will open doors to opportunities that can change the entire course of your life.

Positive Thinking Flying Eagle

Positive Thinking For Personal Success!

Your entire life is controlled by the thoughts inside your mind. Every action you take is based on what you think. If you find yourself in a distraught, unhappy mood, you hold the power to change your situation completely.

Negative thinking holds the power to destroy your life and all your ambitions.

A Positive attitude, on the other hand, can literally change your entire life. When you look at life positively, you are bound to find the good in every situation.

You determine your thoughts, so ultimately, you choose your life and its outcomes. By asserting total control over your life, you are taking control of your thoughts.

Positive thinking shines a bright light on life and draws happy, positive people to you like flies are drawn to light.

Maintaining a robust and optimistic attitude is a common motivational method for boosting one’s attitude and promoting self-growth.

Creating a positive attitude allows you to experience a new and wonderful day each morning. When you focus your mind on the good things in life, you will have the strength of character to move forward despite any challenges you may face.

I believe we are meant to continually move forward and focus on life as an incredible abundance of opportunity.

The Amazing Benefits of Positive Thinking

Become The Master of Your Life.

If you have ever said: “There must be more to life than this!”

You were right! There is so much more to life, and it is not hard to find with the right attitude.

When you develop your attitude based on positive thinking, you will begin to experience all the great things life has to offer.

A positive, expectant attitude will draw many favorable events and circumstances into your life.

The changes you could experience in your life would be everlasting if you continue to expect and believe that you deserve the best out of life.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the pleasures that you deserve. You have the control to affect the events that surround you, and you can do this with a positive attitude.

Your Attitude Is Everything, and Jeff Keller Teaches you why in his outstanding book Attitude Is Everything!

This “success manual” gives readers a step-by-step plan for taking control of their lives and unleashing their incredible potential.

Attitude is everything, and it consists of 12 Lessons: Your Attitude is Your Window to the World; You’re A Human Magnet; Picture Your Way to Success; Make a Commitment, and You’ll Move Mountains. Your attitude is everything!

Positive thinking is a necessary tool for improving one’s entire life. Still, it can be even more impressive when coupled with the power of one’s mind to visualize positive events and circumstances.

Positive thinking and the power of visualization are the two master keys to success.

The power that visualization can have over achieving your goals is unmatched by any other force.

When you are making a conscious effort to improve your life and personal development, there is no more vital tool than positive thinking and visualization.

When you decide to live your life based on these positive beliefs, you will experience completely new outcomes in your daily life.

Sometimes, it takes some real effort to maintain a positive mental attitude, and one sure way of keeping yourself and your thoughts on track is to control your inner dialogue.

Positive thinking can be strengthened through the use of positive affirmations. You will undoubtedly see some excellent outcomes when you repeatedly fill your mind with positive affirmations.

You can manifest the outcomes of your daily life when you continually affirm what you desire with passion.

Understanding Positive Thinking and Self-Talk!

Self-talk is the endless stream of thoughts running through your head daily. These automatic thoughts can be positive or negative.

If you make yourself aware of the self-talk in your mind, you can direct it toward positive, constructive thinking. However, there will be those times when your inner voice takes over, and all logic and sound reasoning skills are gone.

A person who may be described as a pessimist is most likely tormented by negative self-talk, and one who is described as an optimist has control over their thoughts. They focus their self-talk on positive, exciting aspects of our daily lives.

Positive Thinking Can Help You Live Longer and Live Happier!

Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking and optimism on people’s health.

  • Decreased negative stress
  • More excellent resistance to catching the common cold
  • A sense of well-being and improved health
  • Reduced risk of coronary artery disease
  • Easier breathing if you have certain lung diseases, such as emphysema
  • Improved coping ability for women with high-risk pregnancies
  • Better coping skills during hardships

It’s unclear why people who engage in optimistic thinking experience these health benefits. However, one theory is that having a terrific outlook enables you to cope better with stressful situations, reducing stress’s harmful health effects on your body.

Take a quantum leap toward leading a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and watch your creativity shine.

Positive Thinking Is NOT Wishful Thinking Positive Thinking Requires Action!

There are so many obstacles we all must face on a daily basis, yet some people handle them with such ease, and others just seem to fall apart.

Well, this all goes back to how well you control your thoughts. Those with a firm hold on the thoughts they allow into their mind and base their life on the grounds of positive thinking will certainly be able to handle life’s challenges with much more ease.

Those who choose to allow their mind and thoughts to be dictated by the events around them will indeed have a more difficult time in life.

The very act of saying you are taking back your mind and that you will only focus on positive thinking will change the outcomes of every event in your life.

How often do you hear someone complaining about their career or the job of their choice? It has to be their choice, as no one can make you do anything against your will.

If you despise or, worse yet, “Hate Your Current Job,” learn how easily you can turn things around with positive thinking.

You have the free will to change your thoughts, and by changing your thoughts, you can also change your outer world.

However, it is not just a better job or more money; when you choose to focus your mind on positive outcomes, you empower yourself in every area of your life.

The strength of a positive mental attitude is tremendous, so take a moment to read more about the effects of positive thinking.

Positive Thinking Improves Every Aspect of Life!

Positive ThinkingI lived a life filled with positive thinking, and that can-do attitude yields many rewards.

For one, you are just more naturally at ease. You believe in favorable outcomes and are not looking for the worst to happen.

Maintaining robust positive control over your thoughts will improve your life in every way imaginable.

But you can sabotage the outcomes of certain events in your life. You can be your worst enemy if you are not vigilant in maintaining a positive attitude.

Attitudes are the established ways of responding to people and situations that we have learned based on our beliefs, values, and assumptions. Our attitudes are shown through our behavior.

When you fill your mind with positive thinking, you will, without effort, maintain a positive attitude.

Attitudes drive our behavior. Our body language is a result of our mental attitude. By choosing our attitude, we get in that mood and send out a message everyone understands, consciously or unconsciously.

An attitude of positive thinking is indispensable to our success. If we think about the future, focus on the positive, and look for the good, we can be as optimistic as we want to be.

If you do what other successful people do and use your mind to exert mental control over the situation, you will be positive and cheerful most of the time. And you will reap the benefits enjoyed by all successful people.

Successful people know the importance of positive thinking; they are successful because they work hard and expect the best.

A person with a negative attitude will not achieve the success in life that a person with a positive attitude will.

Positive Thinking And Its Positive Effects Are Not Just A Theory They Are Facts!

Positive thinking brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness, and satisfaction. It also helps the daily affairs of life move more smoothly and makes life look bright and promising.

Positive thinking is contagious. People around you pick up on your mental moods and are affected accordingly.

Think about happiness, good health, and success, and you will cause people to like you and desire to help you because they enjoy the vibrations that a positive mind emits.

In order for this type of thinking to yield results, you need to develop a positive attitude toward life, expect a successful outcome of whatever you do, and take any necessary actions to ensure your success.

A practical, optimistic attitude that brings results is much more than repeating a few positive words or telling yourself that everything is going to be alright. It has to be your predominant mental attitude.

Thinking positively for a few moments is not enough, and then letting fears and lack of belief enter your mind. Some effort and inner work are necessary.

When you develop a pattern of continual optimism, your life will undergo tremendous changes, and you will be exceedingly happy.

Decide to take control of your thoughts, develop a pattern of positive thinking, and reap the benefits of living an empowered life.

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linda bowen 1 June 19, 2014

DEAR HOWARD, I could really use your help.growing up i always was happy. but here lately i am so depressed,i cry daily and have no hope anymore.I would really appreciate it if you could give me some words of wisdom and teach me how to stay positive.I have 2 older daughters and 9 grandchildren that i want to get better for,please help,linda

Howard Platt 2 March 4, 2012

Thank you Preksha! Go on a 21 day diet of Positive Thinking, keep note of how you are feeling throughout the day and every time you catch yourself with a negative thought … Change It!

Do this for 21 days straight and it will soon become a habit and you will enjoy living a more positive life!

Bless You My Friend!

Howard Platt 3 March 4, 2012

I love comments like your’s Robert.

Thank you for visiting!

Preksha 4 February 24, 2012

WOWW!! it’s outstanding Howard!!
i super liked it!!
well,yes positive thinking and being optimistic is really very important for us!!
Almost all the time i’am filled with negative thinking and even feel so lonely when there many people around me too!!
I guess i should and must improve my life by thinking positively in my dailt routine!!
this has very much helped me!!

robert musula 5 February 23, 2012

this article has not only made me a person who is positive to life,but has given me an opportunity to inspire my chilren,students and friends.i have now realised that i can be my own best friend or worst enemy.thank a lot
robert musula,
east africa

Howard Platt 6 February 1, 2012

That just about says it all! : )

J.R. Necessary 7 January 30, 2012

Howard: Yes, Positive Thinking leads to a positive mental attiude which leads to a more enthusiastic and happy life. Positive Mental Attiude PMA-It’s the Only Way!While employed as a Professor at Ball State University , Muncie, IN for many years I told my students the very first day just remember PMA-It’s the Only Way! J.R. Necessary, retired professor, BSU

Howard 8 October 24, 2011

Thank you Tyra, I really appreciate the comment.
Best Wishes!

Tyra 9 October 14, 2011

I was blown away upon reading this post. Very powerful. I believe that thinking positively will help one’s life better and everything around you will follow. A very influential feeling with lots of emotional impact, the feel of happiness and the power to overcome stress and other problems. and if we keep on having this mindset, we will become more productive and more successful in life. This is worth sharing. I had a great time reading this. Thanks!