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by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 9, 2010 · 4 comments

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Start thinking positive, three simple words that can change the course of your entire life! Positive thinking is powerful, it can turn the worst of times into the best of times and all it takes is a shift in the pattern of your thoughts.

If you are not happy there is only one person that can change how you feel and that person is you.

Sure it’s much easier to blame someone else or something else for how you feel at any given moment but you know in your heart that is not how it works.

We cannot always control the outer events of our lives however we can control how we react to those events. Things will go wrong at times that’s life but if you prepare yourself in advance it will be much easier to deal with problems when they do occur.

How do you prepare yourself for difficult times?

Three simple words, start thinking positive or to make things even easier begin to practice thinking positive. The human mind is incredible and you have more strength than you could possibly imagine.

We all have the ability to develop new habits and that’s all positive thinking really is, a habit. People have the tendency to associate the word habit with bad things.

You hear people say things like; I have to break this terrible smoking habit or drinking or gambling but you never really hear anyone say they have to work on developing the habit of finding the good in every situation. Now that would be a terrific habit to work towards.

I have an assignment for you, over the next few days try to think of some good habits you could work on developing. Keep a small notepad with you and whenever something pops into your mind jot it down. After doing this for a week or so you should pick one item from your list and commit to making it your new habit.

A great place to start would be with your thoughts. Why not make it your goal?

Write it down, make a commitment to yourself, give yourself the next three weeks to develop the habit to start thinking positive.

Do you know it only takes the human mind about 21 days to develop a new habit. If you want to live a happier and more fulfilled life all it takes is a little effort on your part.

So do you want to start thinking positive?

If you change your thoughts you can change your life! Everything in life is a choice and that includes being happy or sad.

Happiness comes when we decide to accept it into our lives.

The happiness habit is developed by simply practicing happy thinking. Make a mental list of happy thoughts and pass them through your mind several times every day.

If an unhappy thought should enter your mind, immediately stop, consciously eject it, and substitute a happiness thought.

Every morning before arising, lie relaxed in bed and deliberately drop happy thoughts into your conscious mind.

Let a series of pictures pass across your mind of each happy experience you expect to have during the day. Saver their joy. Such thoughts will help cause events to turn out that way.

Develop The Habit To Start Thinking Positive And Take Charge of Your Thoughts!

The following mix of positive thoughts, quotes and happy little stories is a great place to get started with your new goal and personal commitment to taking charge of your thoughts!

William Shakespeare once said:

There Is Nothing Either Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So.

Whatever else you do or forebear, impose upon yourself the task of happiness; and now and then abandon yourself to the joy of laughter.

Start Thinking Positive

And however much you condemn the evil in the world, remember that the world is not all evil, that somewhere children are at play, as you yourself in the old days; that women still find joy in the stalwart hearts of men;

And that men, treading with restless feet their many paths, may yet find refuge from the storms of the world in the cheerful house of love.

Max Ehrmann

Happiness is wherever you look, just open your eyes and enjoy what you see.

Start thinking positive its all up to you. CHOOSE HAPPINESS ….. How could you go wrong?

Live the life you deserve… Commit To Habit of Thinking Positive!!!

Start Thinking Positive – Join The Group Today!

Positive Thinkers Have Twelve Qualities in Common

They have confidence in themselves.

They have a very strong sense of purpose.

They never have excuses for not doing something.

They always try their hardest for perfection.

They never considered the idea of failing.

They work extremely hard towards their goals.

They know who they are.

They understand the weaknesses as well as their strong points.

They can accept the benefit from criticism.

They know when to defend what they are doing.

They are creative.

A Positive Thinker is not afraid to be a little different and in doing so they discover innovative solutions that will enable them to achieve their dreams.

You to can have these qualities if you commit to developing the habit to start thinking positive! Its not that hard, focus your mind on all the good in your life, keep from dwelling on the past if it is negative in any way.

Take charge of your thoughts and you will soon discover your ability to heal the pains from your past and awaken the inspiration to bring your creativity to life.

Make A Little Bit Of Heaven Out Of Every Day Here On Earth!

There is nothing which can hinder or circumvent a strong and determined soul seeking for health, usefulness, truth and success.

Keep that fact well in mind and live to it, no matter what the whole world may say to the contrary.

Fear nothing. You are part of a splendid universe, and you are here to get the best out of this phase of life….

If you look for something to be happy and thankful for each and every day, you will find it!

Begin to think positive in the midst of some of your greatest challenges for this will help you to uncover the hidden strengths you’ve had from the start.

Howard G. Platt 111

Fill your soul and mind full of love and sympathy and joy…. and blessings will follow.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Start Thinking Positive!!

Start Thinking Positive

Start Thinking Positive

Its a choice we all have to make….choose now, don’t waste anymore time happiness is a wonderful thing and its here for all of us to have.

Start Thinking Positive it’s FREE … base your life on all the good around us. Cherish the time you have.

Spend everyday looking for the good, be pleasant and kind find joy in the company of others.

Difficult Times Don’t Last Forever!

Sometimes the problems you must face are more than you wish to cope with, and tomorrow doesn’t seem to offer any solutions.

You may ask yourself “why me?” but the answer is sometimes unclear. You may even tend to feel that life hasn’t been just or fair to burden you with such obstacles.

Finish every day and be done with it, you have done what you could. The present day is all that is good and fair, it is filled with hopes and invitations its to dear to waste its moments on the yesterdays.

Start Thinking Positive!

Look not mournfully into the Past. It comes not back again. Wisely improve the present. It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy Future, without fear, and with a manly heart.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Enthusiasm and Optimism Can Overcome Any Obstacle

Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might.

Start Thinking Positive – Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and you will achieve that what it is your after.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Start thinking positive and you will achieve success after success.

Climb….Go higher than you ever thought you could. Climb the ladder of success, whatever that is for you. Climb your way to the top.

Believe in yourself, maintain that positive thinking the only thing standing in your way would be you.

Live your life with passion, enjoy every moment you can. Remember all that is good, keep those feelings with you all the time.

You have a choice, you can select joy over despair, happiness over tears, you can select growth over stagnation.

You Can Select Life and All it Has to Offer. Start Thinking Positive!

Start Thinking Positive

Start Thinking Positive


Happiness…..It Is To Be Treasured!

Start Thinking Positive! This will bring you a world of joy. When you live your life based on positive thinking you have made a choice to truly live life.

Positive Thinking Is………….

  • the key which unlocks the doors of the world. There is something in us which corresponds to that which is around us, beneath us, and above us. Samuel McChord Crothers
  • a habit, like any other; we can practice it every day until it becomes second nature to us—and along the way transform our lives. Washington L. Crowley
  • knowing that, in the grand scheme or things, we live in a world where rainy days eventually give way to sunnier skies. R. L. Keith
  • the most effective tool ever created for lifting an individual to the greatest achievements humanity can aspire to. Montaque Edwards
  • the ultimate triumph of mind over matter; the victory of the spirit over all the shadows lurking in the world. Martin A. Browning
  • not always the easiest course of action when confronting difficulties. If, however, we can remain focused on keeping hope strong and not succumbing to negative influences, we will meet with success in dealing with anything life may throw in our path. Hiram Rogers Lloyd

Positive Thinking Is………..

JOY In your heart, your mind, your soul.

PEACE With yourself and with the universe.


COURAGE To feel, to need, to reach out.

FREEDOM To let yourself be bound by love.


WISDOM To learn, to change, to let go.

ACCEPTANCE Of the truth and beauty within yourself.


PLEASURE In all that you see, and touch, and do.

HAPPINESS With yourself and with the world.


Author Unknown
Why not try writing something positive yourself? This could be your first step to start thinking positive everyday of your life.

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Hey Howard, I don’t know if anyone ever tells you this but I love this site and I can’t believe how many times I find myself coming here just help clear my head of a bunch of crap thoughts. The best part is that it almost always helps! Just wanted to say thanks.