A Positive Attitude Change Will Improve All Areas of Your Life!

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on December 7, 2010 · 8 comments

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A Positive Attitude Change For Living A More Positive and Productive Life.

You have probably heard before that attitude is everything, well the fact is your attitude in life will determine the heights of your personal and professional success.

Your attitude determines how other people perceive you in this world and it portrays how you perceive the world.

If you feel as though you are not living up to all you can be then that is a clear sign that Attitude change is in need.

In many cases people will allow their surroundings to determine their attitude but in essence this is nothing more than a cop-out.

We are all responsible for our own attitude and if we carry around a negative attitude we do so by choice.

An attitude change is a decision and if you are not enjoying a happy and satisfying life it would be time to take an attitude inventory.

If you decide to have a cheerful, outgoing attitude people will be drawn to you. However, if you decide to be miserable and keep to yourself you will only feel worse about your life and your situations.

I learned a long time ago that I could choose and change my attitude regardless of the circumstances around me.

If I choose to have a lousy attitude I was destined to have a lousy day and the same goes for having a good day. It is all up to you!

If you people or circumstances to ruin your day that is nothing more than you giving your power away.

One of the most entertaining and influential books that I have ever read is “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude By Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

There have been plenty of times when I needed a real attitude change and I knew just what to do because I had read that book time and again. I now own the audio edition and I enjoy listening to it as much as I did reading the book.

I highly recommend this program I can tell you that I learn something new every time I listen to it and if you would like to make a positive attitude change in your life you should give it a try, of course that would be once you are through reading what I have to offer you here. : )

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude By Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone
Positive Attitude Change Audio ProgramSuccess Through a Positive Mental Attitude has influenced the lives of countless men and women around the world. With this program creating a Positive Attitude Change is unavoidable!

No achievement-minded person should be without this classic, foundational treatise on personal success.

To Follow Are Some of My Own Personal Tips For Making A Positive Attitude Change In Your Life!

  • For One Chose To Have A Terrific Attitude First Thing In The Morning.

I am telling you do not step out of that bed until you have declared out loud that you are going to be a terrific day. This may sound too simple and that is probably because it is simple. You set the stage for your entire day based on how you feel when you first wake up.

  • Another Great Tip Is To Start Your Day Off With A Beautiful 20 Minute Walk Outside.

This will awaken all your senses and you will feel truly alive if you start your day off like this.

  • Assert Your Control Over Your Attitude This Will Give A Feeling Of Empowerment.

Remember that you do have control at all times, if things are not going so well do not allow that to affect your attitude and bring down your entire day.

  • Keep Score! Use a journal to track your good days and bad and once you have made a positive attitude change on one of those bad days you can use that success to build on for future bad days.

Always Remember That Even If Things Are Not Going That Great It Is Only For That Moment.

As time passes your troubles become more distant and you can always improve upon your current situation. Nothing is permanent!

  • I Find That This Tip Really Helps Me……Treat Everyone You Meet As The Most Important Person In The World.

When you make others feel good about themselves you cannot help but to feel good yourself. As they say “Do unto others as you would like done unto you.”

  • This One May Seem Simple But Nevertheless It Holds True.
  • Get enough sleep, so few people get the rest they really need.

When you are tired you typically don’t feel like being as social as you normally would and you definitely are not as pleasant.

So help yourself and those around you by getting the rest you need. A good night’s sleep is the perfect cure for any problem and it can bring about a positive attitude change.

I go to sleep every night listening to sleep programming tapes that cover anything from building your self-confidence, learning acceleration, finding answers in your dreams and training your mind to believe anything is possible.

I copy the CD programs to my tiny mp3 player and I set it to repeat, I where my little ear bud headphones and I drift off to sleep listening to a different program each night.

I may listen to the same program for up to 21 days straight because it has been proven to develop a new habit you must stick to it for 21 days.

The most powerful and effective program I have ever used is:

Dick Sutphen’s Sleep Programming High Achievers Mega-Kit For A Positive Attitude Change!

Attitude Change Sleep Programming AudioSleep Programming is an extraordinarily powerful audio experience that will super-charge your subconscious mind to positively change your attitude.

This can program you most basic beliefs about personal success and happiness at the level where it matters most: your subconscious mind. And it does it all while you enjoy a calm, restful sleep!

Our subconscious mind is the most powerful personal development tool we could ever use and when you program your subconscious mind it takes that programming and puts it to work in your everyday life.

Positive Attitude Change For A Positive Life

You can make a positive attitude change by simply programming your subconscious mind as you sleep. I have been doing this for years and it is highly effective. Give it a shot!

  • Another Tip For Improving Your Attitude Is To Start Keeping A Journal.

Write down what you want to feel like, putting it into words on paper can give it so much more meaning.

Sometimes all you really need is to become aware of exactly what it is that is causing you to have a bad attitude. Once you can identify the problem you have won half the battle.

For my own personal development I started keeping a journal over 25 years ago and I have no doubt that this one action I took helped me to overcome the many challenges I have faced throughout my life and the challenges I am still dealing with.

Starting a journal really should have been my #1 tip for developing a positive attitude change because it is that effective.

  • Choose Your Friends Wisely! You Must Keep A Positive Attitude All The Time But If You Are Hanging Around Negative People It’s Almost Impossible To Stay Positive.

If you find yourself caught in a negative conversation and there is nothing you can do to change the mood of the conversation then you must excuse yourself.

To develop a positive attitude change you must surround yourself with positive people, the more you do so the easier your life will become.

If You Are Alone Spend Time With Your Family And Friends. That Is Of Course They Have A Positive Influence On Your Life.

There is nothing that makes me happier then when I am with my family and I truly mean NOTHING.

If You Have A Strong Desire To Have A Positive Attitude Change Choose One Day And Try Remain Optimistic All Day.

Sometimes all it takes to make a shift in your attitude is to experience the feeling you get from being optimistic.

Share your optimism with everyone around you and soon everyone will be in a good mood.

Go out of your way to see the good in everything, this will absolutely rub off on those around you and it will create a positive energizing atmosphere.

I continue to recommend reading or listening to other resources because I have found that if I have something that I can pick up and read or listen to on a regular basis I acquire the necessary tools for achieving a positive attitude change in my life.

The following book Attitude is Everything is one of the first books I read about building a positive attitude.

Attitude ChangeAttitude Is Everything is a no-nonsense 12 step manual to creating a positive attitude change and maintaining it throughout your life.

Our Lives Are A True Gift And When We Maintain A Negative Attitude I Believe It Is An Insult To Our Creator.

Making an attitude change from one that always looks for the bad in every situation or refuses to try to find the positives in life to an upbeat, optimistic, cheerful person is one action that you have total control over and it can truly change your life completely.

I really hope that you can see the beauty in being an optimist and realize its true benefits for achieving a life full of happiness and joy.

I wish you all the happiness the world has to offer!

Always remember if you do not feel the joy of life in every day then it’s time for you to make a positive attitude change!

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Tibila M 1 March 17, 2015

Thanks for informing the world, information is power and it gives output which is transformation, you inform negative attitude and transform to positive attitude, the key to success

Howard Platt 2 May 25, 2013

Dear Svavar,

I am just so just when I read comments like yours and I really appreciate you taking the time to share such kind words.

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner as I have told others I had a very extended stay in the hospital and I am now just getting back to work. It is really nice to come back to read such kind messages left by my readers.

God Bless You My Friend!

Svavar 3 July 14, 2012

Dear Howard Platt,

Thank you for your fantastic website, the world needs it. Your website has changed my life to be much better, and I want to thank you for that. I know your website will change lot of mind sets all over the world and thanks to your positive attitude and positive thinking it will continue do so.

With lots of love to you and your family.

Howard Platt 4 January 17, 2012

Hi J.R.,
I love what you contribute to this site and I am sure that many others do as well.

Thank you my friend!

J. R.. Necessary 5 January 9, 2012

Howard: A positive attitude is the “Necessary” key to Success. I am a retired professor, Ball State University, Munciie, Indiana. I remember,my first day of class when I told the college students my name was Professor Necessary, you should have saw the look on their faces. So, I wrote on the blackboard how they could remember my last name..N-neat, E-energetic, E- enthusiastic, S-sensible, S-sincere, A-ambitious, R-reliable, Y-youthful, at least in my heart. You can call me J.R. since I expect you to be the best and most devoted students and you are willing to do your best. Believe me, I showed respect for them and they respected me…end results high grades for them and they will always remember me. J.R. Necessary

Darren Oldach 6 January 8, 2012

Thanks, I need to constantly remind myself how important it is to have a positive attitude every minute of every day!!!

venugopal 7 January 8, 2012

It is the attitude which creates the problem. If we can accept others as they are and not as you want. Here change your atitude first, them others will automatically become smooth.

sanjeev sharma 8 October 26, 2011

-very nice and positive.