Common Sense Not So Common These Days

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Common Sense The Forth Key In Our Discussion On Developing Your Personal Power.

To prevail through all the twists and turns in life common sense must prevail! You can be one of the most intelligent people on earth but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you posses the common sense to use your intelligence wisely.

With all the problems I went through there were so many times that I actually made the situation worse because I didn’t sit back take a good look at the situation and just simply add some common sense.

It is truly amazing how you can really escalate a problem just by over reacting and under thinking.

When I learned that I was really making some stupid decisions I knew that something had to change and change fast. I was lacking the use of some simple common sense, allowing my problems to run my life.

In building your own personal power you must have the right frame of mind to put all the pieces in place.

I was very lucky that I was open-minded enough to know that I could not do it all on my own and that I would have to somehow find some resources that could help me.

I am spending time on these 10 keys to personal power because I truly believe they are the foundation to taking charge of your own life.

You can train your mind to have common sense, it is just a matter of training your mind to think things through before you take any kind of action.

It is when we slow things down and refuse to act irrational that we start to look at all our problems in a different light.

You absolutely must get yourself in the habit of talking to yourself about everything, this will help so much in all your decision-making.

When you take the time to start asking yourself some common sense questions about the situation at hand you will find yourself changing the way you react altogether.

I use to get bad news and then I would get stuck just thinking about the bad news which left me no chance at all to calmly or rationally think of anything else.

I would go into what I call my “doom and gloom state” and when you’re in this state of mind it is as though you don’t have a bit of common sense at all.

Common Sense Must Prevail To Achieve Success In Life!

The cause of most failures is the result of acting without thinking. Now I am not saying that this is as easy as pie because it’s not.

Common SenseYou have to work at it, you have to build your own personal power. They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit and that is what you are going to have to do, you will need to build new habits.

As far as me giving you my own personal development tips I have to say that these methods I am explaining to you are what I use every single day of my life.

Things still are not all that easy for me as I still have seizures from time to time, I sold my business and as of this writing 8-28-2008 the people who purchased my business have stopped paying the mortgage payments to me.

This has been just another major blow to me in my life as the sale of my business was not only a large portion of my retirement but it was also a source of my income and we are talking about over $7000.00 per month.

I tell you this to show you that no matter what you have been through life can still throw some very difficult times your way and if you’re not mentally prepared to handle such problems you could really end up in an emotional type of jail.

But I consider myself lucky because I have studied and read, listened to and practiced many personal development techniques and I always have something in my arsenal of personal development tips that I can always turn to so that I don’t fall apart when terrible things do happen, and one thing I found is that the proper handling of a lot of the problems that occur in this world is just a matter of simple common sense.

If you read my story you will see that I have personally faced some very hard obstacles in my life and just when I think it just has to get better it seems as though I am tested with another major challenge.

I would be lying if I said that I don’t get down sometimes but I would not be lying when I tell you that, through the use of all these personal development tips I am sharing with you I DO NOT stay down for any significant amount of time whatsoever.

Common Sense The 4th Key In Our 10 Keys To Personal Power!

OK to get back to the personal power key number four which we were discussing, common sense one strong point that I must make is that you should always listen to your intuition.

Your own intuition is possibly one of the best guides that you could have.

Your intuition will almost always give you the exact right answer to a particular problem.

Your intuitive sense is almost like having a built-in computer that will guide you and help you find answers to some of your most pressing problems.

There have been many studies done on intuition and the amazing accuracy shown when people truly followed their intuition was absolutely stunning and the studies have been repeated time after time with the same results.

Common sense is brought out when you listen to your intuition.

Another very strong point I should make is that you should learn from every setback. A setback only becomes a complete failure when you don’t learn something of value from it.

This is where your common sense comes into play, when dealing with setbacks you must stop yourself and take the time to dissect the problem so that you may learn from it and bring away something of value instead of just fretting over it and possibly repeating the same problem in the future.

People don’t realize that their lives are basically just a series of events or causes and effects.

You can take the time to look at the negative events of your life and use your common sense to figure out the best plan of action in each case.

So when your working on building your own personal power (which you must do) you must work on training your mind to use its own common sense.

When doing this you will suddenly find yourself actually thinking things through before you act which will only lead to a more positive outcome.

You must learn to listen to your intuition and follow your gut feelings and always learn from your setbacks so they don’t become complete failures with nothing gained.

I find that I am always questioning myself, this keeps me thinking sharp.

When something devastating happens I don’t react right away I take my time before I make any judgments on the particular situation.

As you know from my story I went from being a golden gloves boxer in terrific physical condition to having my whole life turned upside down with the finding of six different brain tumors.

This changed every aspect of my life and it did not stop there I had another tumor removed from my forehead and there is yet another one that sits on my pituitary gland reeking havoc with my hormone counts and then there were the three major back surgeries.

All that followed by years of uncontrollable violent seizures, a leg broken in 3 places during a seizure.

Then the discovery of a genetic disorder that has collapsed my airway causing me to have to have a tracheotomy leaving me with a tube in my throat to breath through.

Then the reality hit when I knew that I physically could not run my business any longer, a business I had built from the ground up and for 17+ years it was a terrific success.

Only now to have the person who purchased my business stop making the mortgage payments which I really needed to not only fund my retirement but to actually live off the income.

Even with all these challenges I have had to face and with the one’s I am currently facing I hold true to my own inner strength.

Strength I learned through constant study of personal development.

I was about 16 years old when I decided I really needed help in dealing with problems that life threw my way.

Once I started learning I could not stop, I turned to every self-help program I could find and I read every motivational book I could get my hands on.

Before all this I did not use common sense I reacted from my heart and a young and unstable mind.

I truly made it my life mission to learn how to overcome adversity and continue on so that I could live a successful life.

With all the terrible memories and rotten lessons I learned from my alcoholic father I needed as much help as I could get for myself.

Never could I have planned for all the problems I faced in the 25 years or so.

I am truly thankful for all the resources that were available to me which literally made it much more than possible to face those challenges with dignity, knowledge and common sense.

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