Positive Self-Talk Is The Key To Becoming A Positive Thinker

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on September 29, 2013 · 2 comments

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Positive self-talk or negative self-talk at any point in our waking day we are all engaged in one or the other.

Self-talk is that little voice in your head that seems to have its own opinion about everything you ever do, say or think.

If you think about it you spend more time listening to or conversing with your self-talk than you do with anyone else and this is why it’s vitally important for you to take charge of what’s going on inside your mind.

It’s unfortunate but for the most part the majority of us seldom engage in positive self-talk and there is nothing more damaging to your personal growth than to undergo a constant barrage of negative self-talk.

Are you mean to yourself?

I am seriously asking if you are mean to yourself.

I bet you would answer “no” to that question and unless you are successful and happy most of the time you would be fooling yourself.

You spend all-day, everyday with yourself and that neverending voice in your head.

I bet if you were to keep score when it comes to how many times you thought badly about yourself verses the number of positive thoughts you had by the days end you might be a little depressed.

However, you are not alone because studies have shown that for the most part we are all mean to ourselves. Meaning that the majority of people spend more time throughout their day beating themselves up with a constant flow of negative self-talk.

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The Power of Positive Self-Talk Verses The Strength of Negative Self-Talk

Positive Self-TalkNegative self-talk is responsible for causing low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence in more people than any other cause.

Negative self-talk beats you down and drains you of your ambition and enthusiasm and it can only lead to inactivity and failure.

Why is it that most people spend their days dealing with negative self-talk rather than positive self-talk?

For many of us it has to do with a damaging sense of insecurity carried over from our childhood years.

You see your brain will accept any statement as the truth if it hears it enough times from a credible source such as a parent, teacher or anyone of authority.

As children our minds are constantly being molded and shaped by the things our parents or other influential adults may say to us.

If a child is constantly told he or she is stupid or lazy and they can never do anything right it will not take long for them to accept that as being the truth.

As we grow into adults we carry this negative self-talk with us and we replay it over and over in our mind giving it even more power and allowing it to control the way we think and act.

If we do not block this with positive self-talk it will just keep feeding our self-defeating beliefs.

We unconsciously repeat our beliefs over and over giving them even more power and every-time we allow one of our misguided beliefs to keep us from venturing forward we limit our own success.

If you allow your self-talk to beat you down in any way or to keep you from going after what you really want out of life it’s time for a change.

It will take some time and some work on your part but if you really want to change your negative self-talk to positive self-talk it can be done and you can do it.

Everything we do or think is in one way or another a learned behavior and if we can learn something we can unlearn it just the same.

It’s been said that “repetition is the mother of all invention” well it’s no different with your thoughts and behaviors.

If you keep repeating negative thoughts to yourself you will only experience negative circumstances in your life.

What Does Positive Self-Talk And Negative Self-Talk Have To Do With The Law of Attraction?

Whether you engage in mostly positive self-talk or mostly negative self-talk you’re still enacting the forces of the Law of Attraction which gives power to your dominant choice.

To begin turning your negative self-talk into positive self-talk you must become more aware of your daily thoughts and thought patterns.

If your self-talk is mostly negative it has become habitual and those habits have been feeding your self-defeating beliefs. To turn things around we have to make your positive self-talk the dominating habit.

First you will have to adopt a new way of thinking in efforts to change your inner dialogue and this will take a conscious effort on your part.

Most people don’t know this but it only takes about 3 weeks to develop a new habit so if you can engage just three simple practices for the next 21 days you will be able to form new habits and empowering beliefs.

You are going to take charge of your self-talk with positive affirmations.

One of the most powerful methods for programming the subconscious mind with positive affirmations is to listen to them using an MP3 player or an iPod as you fade off to sleep at night and to wake up to them still playing in the background or better yet in your earbuds or headset.

You will also want to make a list of positive statements pertaining to yourself and read through that list 5 to 6 times throughout the day.

The more you can disprove your negative self-talk with rational thinking the easier it will be for you to trust and believe in your self-affirming statements.

The plan is to use the power of repetition and the 21 day plan to develop a new habitual, pattern of thinking positive. The more you can focus on positive thoughts, feelings and circumstances the easier it becomes to change your inner dialogue decreasing your negative self-talk and increasing your positive self-talk.

Be sure to tryout my method for programming your subconscious mind by feeding it a constant flow of positive affirmations during your sleeping hours. I promise, the more you feed your mind subconsciously with positive affirmations the sooner your inner dialogue will begin to change from that of negative self-talk to more positive self-talk which ultimately is the key to mastering the power of positive thinking.

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Howard Platt 1 March 20, 2014

Hi John,

Thank you so much for the kind words! Positive thinking and a positive attitude gives me the courage to keep pushing forward regardless of the challenge or obstacle I must face. This was proven to me once again during my most recent hospital stay. I missed spending Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year’s and V-Day with my wife of 25 years and my 4 yr. old daughter and at one point I allowed myself to fall prey to self-pity and negative thoughts and that was the only time my health or recovery began to slide backwards, however as soon as I realized what I was doing to myself I immediately turned my attitude around and that put me right back on the road to recovery.

If I do fall off the wagon, which is bound to happen from time to time, I waste no time climbing back on. I think this is an important lesson for my readers, if you find yourself struggling at times that is only natural and you cannot allow a minor setback to discourage you. Life is a journey and we all get lost now and then but if you keep pushing forward you will find your path again and you can just pick right up from where you left off.

Thanks again John for your comment.
God Bless You and Your Family,

john 2 March 19, 2014

Thank you Howard for this great site. More importantly your demonstration of courage and how you actualize positive thinking, in your own life, is so encouraging.

I wish you Gods best for you and your family.