Positive Thinking For 2013 Keeping The Promises You Make To Yourself

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on June 5, 2013 · 6 comments

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Positive Thinking For 2013 okay I realize I am running a little late this year but as they say; “better late than never.”

Well if you watched my new welcome video you already know why it has taken me until the the 4th of June to write my annual positive thinking for the new year article.

For those who have not watched the video; I was back in the hospital for about four months and once I was released I wanted to spend all my time with my wife and daughter because I missed them terribly.

So here we are at the beginning of June and I am writing my first article of the year, Positive Thinking For 2013 and it is only 5 months late.

You might be wondering why I always make my first article of the new year about positive thinking when I already have a variety articles on the site that cover the very same topic.

Well that is a good question and I have a good answer.

For most people the new year symbolizes a new beginning, a time to start fresh, an opportunity to do those things you had planned to do in the past but for one reason or another you just never got around to it.

Positive Thinking For 2013 A New Beginning Keeping The Promises You Make To Yourself

Positive Thinking For 2013Let us talk about “Why” positive thinking is so important and then we will discuss some steps you can take to develop a positive attitude.

First you have to ask yourself; are you a positive thinker?

How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning? Are you the type of person that rolls over, smacks the snooze button on the “:alarm clock” and says; “Oh crap I don’t feel like getting out of bed today?”

Or are you the type of person that jumps right out of bed when you hear that “opportunity clock” sound off and you immediately and enthusiastically start planning out your day?

Let me ask you; who do you think is going to feel better and accomplish more throughout the day, the one who smacked the alarm clock or the one who reacted positively and enthusiastically when they heard the opportunity clock sound off?

I think the answer is obvious!

So my next question is which one most represents you in the morning?

When you start your day off enthusiastically with an optimistic, positive attitude you’re not going to let the little things that can and most likely will go wrong throughout the day throw you off your game plan.

When you can maintain a pattern of positive thinking you immediately give yourself a huge advantage in your personal and professional life.

This is why positive thinking is so effective and this is why the most successful people in the world are positive thinkers.

Despite what most tend to believe it really is easy to maintain a positive attitude, I will take it one step further and say that it is easier maintaining a positive attitude than it is a negative attitude.

But here’s the kicker; You have to CHOOSE to be a positive thinker.

Yeah I know that sounds pretty tough doesn’t it?

Obviously I am being facetious, making a choice it not difficult at all.

Go On A 21 Day Positive Thinking Diet!

If you are serious about changing your life for the good you will take me up on this 21 day challenge to develop the habit of positive thinking.

Just like anything you do in life it all begins with you making a choice.

You can choose to take this seriously and enthusiastically put in the effort for 21 days and reap the benefits for the remainder of your life.

Or you can choose to go at timidly, halfhearted, apathetic and remain in the same old rut complaining about never getting any wheres in life.

What is it going to be?

Do you want to make some positive changes in your life or do you want to remain in the same old rut? (which by the way a rut is nothing more than a grave with the ends kicked out).

Make The Right Choice, Take The 21 Day Positive Thinking Diet!

Here are some action steps that will keep you on the right track:

  • Wake Up Happy.

Wake up in the morning with an optimistic, enthusiastic attitude. Look at every new day as a new opportunity. When you are at work be there 100% give it your all, go in early and stay a little late. Act as though you own the company and do everything you can to the best of your ability.

If you do this for 21 days you will have a whole new attitude towards your job.

  • Monitor Your Thoughts.

Keep track of how you are thinking and feeling throughout your day, if you catch yourself feeling anything less than great you can change your thought pattern right then and there.

Positive thinking can create a biochemical reaction within your brain which releases endorphins into the bloodstream and naturally produced endorphins are as much as 100 times stronger than most feel good illegal drugs.

  • Set Daily Goals.

Set some personal and professional goals. Believe in yourself and trust that you can accomplish your goals. Set big goals and little goals and when you do accomplish a goal reward yourself.

We feel good about ourselves when we are accomplishing things. Positive thinking plays a major role in what you accomplish throughout your day, if you are optimistic you will have more energy and more motivation to keep pushing on until you reach your goal.

  • Stay Away From Negative People.

For this 21 day positive thinking diet you are going to have to weed out all the negative energy from your days.

If someone wants to tell you how bad their morning has been or what went wrong at home last night you have to Get Away from them immediately. Arm yourself in advance so when these positive energy suckers come around you can easily get away from them.

  • Keep A Success Journal.

By this I mean just make a list of some of your past successes and keep it with you at all times. However do not just limit it to past successes, every time you accomplish something, big or small, write it down.

Now if you ever catch yourself feeling a little negative you can pull out your list and read through all your successes and before you know it you will be thinking positive again.

The bottom-line is if you can keep your mind focused on the 21 day positive thinking diet it will make it difficult for your mind or thoughts to turn negative.

The best part about this system is that it really only takes 21 days to form a habit that can last a lifetime so if you go at this with a real desire to succeed after 21 days you will have developed the habit of positive thinking and this will change every aspect of your life for the good.

There you go an easy to follow blueprint for developing the habit of positive thinking for the year 2013 and beyond, get started today!

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Great article, going to implement immediately :)

Howard G. Platt 111 3 June 9, 2013

Hi Pamela,

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Thank you for the article and I’m glad you’re back.

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome back that really makes it much more enjoyable to write for the site when I know that it is so appreciated.

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Hi Howard,

I am so happy that you are back home! I love the article and it does not matter if it is 5 months late, everything you write is always super helpful and I am so excited that you are back.

Hugs and Kisses.