Positive Self-Motivation Igniting Your Ambition To Act And Achieve

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Positive Self-Motivation is that personal inner drive to achieve and succeed in the face of any and all challenges in life. Positive Self-Motivation is the characteristic of a real winner in life.

A self-motivated person will run circles around one that lacks motivation and they will become the leaders in society, business, church functions or any endeavor they take on, whereas those that lack motivation and ambition to keep advancing forward in life will always be the followers at best.

So how do you improve your self-motivation and where do you begin?

The first step you must take to help improve your motivation is to take a good look or analysis really, of your attitude in general. Attitude, once again, as Earl Nightingale liked to say is the “magic word.” Attitude leads the pack when it comes to all means of self-improvement.

There is one thing we know for sure and that is, a bad or rather a negative attitude will destroy ones self-motivation to accomplish any given task.

A positive attitude is the driving force behind all positive self-motivation, without it, your sunk, you will never even get yourself up off the couch. The desire to succeed at any task will always begin with a positive attitude.

Attitude is the established way of responding to people and situations that we have learned, based on the beliefs, values and assumptions we hold, and it is shown in every action we take.

With a positive attitude you can change the way you respond to challenging situations and circumstances.

A positive attitude is the fuel that ignites your self-motivation giving you the will and the strength to face difficult situations and to come up with creative solutions to problems that would stop others dead in their tracks. There is no replacement for a positive attitude as it will always be your driving force to act and achieve.

“If you want to accomplish anything in life, you can’t just sit back and hope it will happen. You’ve got to make it happen.”

Most tend to believe that their attitude is a reflection of their surroundings but it’s actually your surroundings that is a direct reflection of your attitude.

If you have a negative attitude you will only attract more negativity into your life. You have heard the old saying: “Misery Loves Company,” well that is exactly how it works with your attitude.

If you have a negative attitude the only type of people who will want to be around you will be those that are equally or even more negative than yourself.

However a positive attitude will spark that inner drive and you will become self-motivated and working towards the achievement of your goals will seem effortless.

Positive Self-Motivation Begins And Ends With You!

Positive Self-MotivationYou can choose to be motivated a little bit or a lot, it actually takes motivation to even make the choice.

However there are two types of motivation, first you have positive self-motivation and you have negative motivation.

One who has positive self-motivation wakes up in the morning and looks at the day ahead optimistically.

A self-motivated person thinks of every new day as a new opportunity, a day full of promising challenges and positive achievements.

Then you have the negative self-motivation and that is the person who wakes up in the morning and looks upon the day ahead as one filled with problems and not challenges.

A negatively self-motivated person is one who can only think about getting through the day and they never focus on the accomplishment of positive achievements.

This is the person that gripes and complains about everything and they think the world is conspiring against them and that is why they fail to live up to their true potential.

Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Self-Motivation Skills and Strategies For Taking Control of Your Life

People tend to believe that they have no control over their attitude but nothing could be farther from the truth.

You have to learn how to not allow your current situation to take hold of your attitude. Bad times will always pass but if you dwell upon them it will only extend the time it takes for them to pass.

Self-motivation is having the strength to keep pushing forward even when things are tough. If you really want to excel in life you need to be highly self-motivated.

Positive Self-Motivation and a positive attitude will give you the personal strength to keep pushing forward no matter how difficult your current circumstance may be.

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.

Earl Nightingale

You have to constantly ask yourself what are you presenting to the world RIGHT NOW and if you don’t have a smile on your face and warm feelings in your heart then you pretty much have your answer.

This is where your personal self-motivation comes into play.

Developing and displaying the strength of character to change a negative attitude you are presenting to those around you is a clear display of positive self-motivation.

If you feel miserable inside it is going to show to all those around you. You must begin to focus on the good things in life and stop wasting your time with self-destructive thoughts and feelings.

You have the control to change how you feel and how you present yourself to the rest of the world. Wouldn’t you rather put your energy into developing a positive attitude instead of digging a deeper hole of despair?

When you motivate yourself to take control of your feelings and you become determined to focus your mind on only positive events or situations you will improve every relationship you have in your life.

Living with a positive attitude and optimistic outlook toward life will only attract more positive people and circumstances into your life. It really is an incredible power that we all possess, the power to control our inner being.

Always be aware that your inner world becomes a mirror of your outer world and the more pleasant you present yourself to others the more they will enjoy your company.

Positive Self-Motivation Empowers You To Face Challenges With Courage And Confidence!

To draw upon your personal positive self-motivation to overcome negative thoughts and feelings is the characteristic of a real winner in life.

Empower yourself with positive thinking and turn negative motivation into positive self-motivation.

Maintaining a positive attitude will brighten everyday, you’ll no longer wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread, instead you will awake with a spirit of joy and you will look upon the day ahead with positive expectation.

“When You Expect The Best You Are More Likely To Experience And Achieve The Best.”

When you take these actions and you make real changes in your behavior it becomes infectious to those around you.

A happy, positive, outgoing person will just naturally attract happy, positive, outgoing people into their inner circle.

The best type of motivation is positive self-motivation, as that will always give you the personal drive to achieve and succeed whether your being encouraged or not.

“For every person who doubts you, tells you you will fail, try twice as hard to prove them wrong.”

There are some people who lack motivation all together and they have the real need for someone to get them moving almost on a daily basis.

Your attitude has everything to do with your self-motivation. Just try to think of how you feel when you’re having a bad day and it just seems as though nothing is going your way.

You most likely are agitated and miserable, you cannot see the positive in anything so you lose the desire to do anything other than to mope around the house or lay on the couch and watch TV.

This is the perfect example of how your attitude affects your self-motivation, when your attitude is poor you lack the drive to do anything.

Now turn it around and visualize yourself as having a terrific day and a positive attitude about everything.

When you do this can you see and feel how good you feel and how motivated you are to take on the challenges of the day ahead?

A lousy attitude will cause you to lack self-motivation altogether but an optimistic, positive, joyful attitude brings along with it the personal self-motivation to accomplish anything.

Improving your personal motivation and pursuing your ambition is one of the most selfless things you can do.

When you are motivated and ambitious you are in a much better position to serve yourself in terms of personal achievements and to serve others with your contribution to society.

Some Tips On How To Develop And Maintain A Positive Attitude And In Turn Improve Your Self-Motivation!

First off you must develop the habit of personal awareness, which is simply a means of becoming aware of your attitude at any given moment. To develop a habit of personal awareness all you need to do is ask of yourself the following question:

“What is my attitude like at this very moment?” If you find it is not at its best…..CHANGE IT!!!

We all get to choose what our attitude is going to be, so why not make it a friendly, positive, upbeat attitude, one that is full of great expectations.

These actions alone will show that you have the self-motivation to change and to really get into the habit of thinking positive. We all have the ability to learn how to change the focus of our mind, and that is powerful.

You have to change your actions to get things moving in your life.

Wake up in the morning and decide right then and there what your attitude is going to be…..choose a cheerful, positive outlook even before you get out of bed.

This very act is self motivation in action. You have made a decision to choose how your day is going to be before you even stepped out of bed. What could be more empowering than that?

This is exactly what I do every morning without fail.

As soon as I wake up even before I step out of bed I say OUT LOUD “This is going to be a terrific day!”

I never forget, I have made this a life habit that I have been doing for years now. You can do this to!!

As you get ready for the day keep affirming in your head that it is going to be a terrific day.

As you brush your teeth and take your shower think of nothing else, if you do this I guarantee you will notice a change in not only your attitude but your whole life.

This is one of the greatest habits I ever started in my life and you can start immediately!

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

We talked about commitment in another article, well you must commit to making this a habit, a daily ritual. I don’t care what you call it I just care that you commit to doing it, everyday for all the days of your life!

If you need a refresher on how to make and stick to a commitment then use your positive self-motivation to go back and read the article about commitment, that would be an excellent positive first step.

It is one of the best habits I ever started for myself because I will actually think about the declaration I made that morning if for some reason I find myself having a bad attitude or feeling miserable.

Success will be yours if you start everyday like this and work to maintain it all day long. I have done this on my worst days possible and yes it may be a little struggle but the rewards of keeping this habit are immeasurable.

Positive Self-Motivation And Personal Accountability.

Don’t waste another day with a bad attitude do whatever it takes to give yourself a great expectant one.

With a great attitude people are happy to be around you, your life is so much better when you decide to have a great and cheerful outlook.

It really feels terrific if you fill your mind with great expectations it will motivate you into taking the necessary actions to fulfill your expectations.

My self-motivation stems from all the challenges I have faced in my life. If you watch this video Overcoming Depression you will see how my personal motivation has been challenged time after time.

However, I faced those challenges head on and instead of losing all motivation I took action, positive focused action. I searched for all the resources and personal development programs I could find.

I worked hard, I read hundreds of books and articles, I listened to personal development audio programs every chance I had. .

I was motivated and I wanted to learn as much as possible not only to keep my life on track but to fuel my motivation to continue to help others with their own personal development issues.

With Positive Self-Motivation You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To!

Positive Self-Motivation Is The Stimulus That Drives You To Act, And Leads You To Success.”

Self-motivation means self-provocation for action and improvement and the desire for personal development is something that we should all embrace.

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Howard Platt 1 April 22, 2014

Hi Jared,

Thank you for visiting and for the kind words. I love to hear from my readers and it really brightens my day to know that the work I put into this site does help others.

Again thank you for visiting and please come back often.
Take Care!

Jared 2 April 18, 2014

this is an excellent article actually I have read through quite a few of your articles and I have watched 4 or 5 of your videos and I can tell that you are really passionate
about this site and about helping people and I really respect that especially after seeing everything you have been through its really pretty amazing

Howard G. Platt 111 3 April 9, 2012

God Bless You Tim!

Tim waldo 4 April 7, 2012

Awesome and beautiful HOWARD.I have no choice than to be POSITIVE because if am negative it is like being dead.I TIM WANT TO LIVE and shade LIGHT to others.i realize that GOD made me PERFECT.thank you so much

Howard 5 November 22, 2011

Dear Chloe,

First I would like to apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I have been dealing with serious medical issues which keeps me from working on my site at times.

Now in response to your comment/question….YOU are an inspiration!!! The adversities you have faced throughout your life are heart wrenching but look what you have done, you could have easily thrown in the towel on many occasions but it sounds like you kept on pushing forward despite the odds, that is to be admired!!

Just think of what a Godsend you have been to your three siblings, they may not be able to express their appreciation for all you have done for them but trust me there will come a day when they realize just how blessed they are to have a sister as loving and caring as you. I have to take issue with you calling yourself “useless” you are as far from being useless as one could be and the issue with you being in a bad mood all the time you “CAN” change that, you are half-way there just in the fact that you realize what your mood is, now you just have to catch yourself when you feel that mood settling in and refuse to allow it to dictate your life.

If you catch yourself being in a bad mood the first thing you should do is to talk to yourself and I really mean have a conversation with yourself, question why you are feeling the way you are at that moment and then ask yourself what’s going to accomplish. I am dead serious when I tell you to try this, I have done this in the past and there have been times when I would start to laugh just because I was talking to myself OUT-LOUD. I would ask myself questions and I had to answer them. This is a very powerful tactic because it opens your awareness. The more you become “AWARE” of how you are thinking or acting the easier it will become to make those positive changes in your life.

If you ask yourself a question and your answer to that question is illogical that will trigger something in your consciousness and you will be able to see that your actions are not rational and if you were to continue on with them nothing good would come of it.

I know it sounds a little nuts but sometimes it’s not so bad to be a little nutty : – ) Just give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you.

Keep Smiling!

Chloe 6 November 16, 2011

Hello Howard
Just wanted to drop a comment to let you know how much I am enjoying this site (though I may feel the need to comment again in other articles!)
I am currently embarking on my own journey into positivity and have found your site to be fantastically informative and refreshingly uplifting!
I haven’t really ever had any positivity about me and had always just accepted that this was just my personality. Looking at my life now I can see where I learned the negative attitude. I guess it started with my brother dying of meningitis when i was 4, my mum had a string of violent relationships, i was bullied at school for having red hair, my mum became a heroin addict when i was 15 (she still is now), I was a victim of rape at 17, my mum went to prison leaving me to look after 3 sibblings. But since then things havent been so bad (i’m 25 now) and I always feel worthless, useless and constantly in a bad mood (which I always blame on ladies things).

Reading your articles has made me realise a lot about myself. I have a partner with the same positive ‘i can do anything if i really put my mind to it’ attitude and I am suprised I never took it on after 8 years of being together. I particularly liked this line ‘To draw upon your personal positive self-motivation to overcome negative thoughts and feelings is the characteristic of a real winner in life.’ This really made me feel like I can be a winner.

I really want to be a better, happier person. Any advice you could give me that you think would help me personally would be great!

Thanks Howard.
You truely are an inspirational and admirable guy!
All the best!