What Is Positive Thinking And Can Thinking Positive Change Your Life?

by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on August 10, 2013 · 0 comments

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What Is Positive Thinking? Have you ever found yourself asking this question, not necessarily to someone directly but possibly within the realms of your own mind?

When you think about it positive thinking appears to be self explanatory, however for many, especially those who have a difficult time with life in general understanding what positive thinking is or does can be a challenge in and of itself.

So again I ask; what is positive thinking? What comes to your mind when you hear or read something about positive thinking?

Are you the type of person that thinks it is nothing more than a feel good for the moment phrase or do you believe it holds the power to change your life?

People talk about the power of positive thinking as though it is a separate entity rather than a way to live your life. Positive thinking comes from within, it is a choice that we all get to make every minute of everyday.

What Is Positive ThinkingWhen it comes to thinking in general we don’t have a choice, the human mind is constantly thinking, day and night so if you have to think no matter what wouldn’t it make more sense to choose to think positive?

I can promise you the benefits of positive thinking are far greater than those of negative thinking.

Now this brings us back to the question; What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is a means of taking control of your thoughts which in turn gives you more control over your life.

You see a lot of us have a difficult time trying to think positive and this is mostly due to our inner self-talk.

What Is Self-Talk And What Does It Have To Do With Positive Thinking?

Self-talk is the dialogue you have with yourself every moment of everyday. Just stop for a moment and pay attention to what is going on in your mind right now!

What did you find?

Were you questioning why you would even bother to read this article at this very moment or perhaps your mind was thinking of how you are going to pay all your bills this month or were you thinking something along the lines of how excited you are about an upcoming event?

Whatever it was that you were thinking of that is what self-talk is, your current dominant thoughts. We all have them it is impossible to not have an inner dialogue going on with yourself.

Positive thinking is not about EXPECTING the BEST to happen. It’s about ACCEPTING that whatever happens it’s for the BEST.

Watch The Video Below For Answers To The Question: What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is taking control of the inner dialogue you have with yourself.

Positive thinking is a choice and if you want to improve your life in every way possible you can choose to make positive thinking the foundation of your most dominant thoughts.

We all have over 60,000 thoughts go through our mind every day but the best part about that is the human mind can only maintain one thought at any given moment.

To really be successful with positive thinking you must first work on your awareness.

Now you are probably thinking what is he talking about I have to work on my awareness, what is that?

It’s simple! Awareness is just that, being aware! Just as you would look around a room and notice the furnishings this is being aware, you are aware of your surroundings.

People are more comfortable, more at ease and have less tension when they are aware of their surroundings and this is exactly why positive thinking is so effective with improving your life.

Positive Anything Is Better Than Negative Nothing.

So What Is Positive Thinking and How Is Awareness Going To help You To Become A Positive Thinker?

Positive Thinking is choosing to take control of your dominant thoughts and then doing so on a consistent basis.

Positive thinking is becoming more aware of the thoughts you hold in your mind throughout the day and changing a negative thought to a positive one.

Remember you can only hold one thought at a time in your mind so if that is the case why not make that a positive thought?

As I said earlier the benefits of positive thinking are endless.

If you have read my articles about the law of attraction you would know that like attracts like so if you can make positive thinking the foundation of all your thoughts just think of all the positive events, circumstances, situations and people that you will be attracting into your life.

It has been proven that positive thinking can actually improve your health.

Positive thinking relieves you of stress and it keeps you from stressful situations and we all know that stress is extremely bad for our health.

Positive thinking is the key to achieving more success and prosperity.

Positive people are more confident, they have higher self-esteem and a greater self-image and people are naturally drawn to positive people and that is why positive thinkers tend to be the leaders in our communities.

Positive thinking improves your focus and concentration.

Just think about it for as moment, when you are stressed out and in a negative state of mind your thoughts are all over the place, you become confused easily and this confusion leads to more stress.

However when your thinking is positive your mind is clear and focused and you can easily concentrate on the task at hand.

Positive thinking just naturally boost your ambition and ambition leads to enthusiasm, which leads to optimism and these are all the qualities of a real winner in life.

I hope you can see the real power of positive thinking and all the benefits that come with maintaining a positive attitude.

It Takes But One Positive Thought When Given A Chance To Survive And Thrive To Overpower An Entire Army Of Negative Thoughts.

Now that we have answered the question, What Is Positive Thinking? I think it’s time for a challenge!

I challenge you to begin today and for the next 5 days try to keep track of or be more aware of your thoughts all throughout the day and when you catch yourself dwelling on a negative thought immediately replace that thought with something positive.

Take my 5 day challenge and then come back here and please leave your comments on how it went for you over those 5 days. I will then ask you; “What is positive thinking?” and hopefully we can fuel a very positive conversation.

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