Negative Attitude | How To Stop Negative Thinking Dead In Its Tracks

by Howard Platt

on October 2, 2011

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How To Defeat A Negative Attitude!

A Negative Attitude Will Affect Every Aspect of Your Life and Regardless of What You May Believe Maintaining A Negative Attitude Is A Matter of Choice!

Maintaining a negative attitude can cripple the person you are meant to be. Negative thinking fosters a self-defeating, destructive attitude and if you allow this type of attitude to flourish it can and will alter your physical and mental well being.

Negative AttitudeLife can be hard and at times it may seem unfair or unjust but ultimately we each choose how we react to troublesome events.

If you choose to allow certain events or circumstances in life to dictate your mood you are giving away your personal power to whatever the stimulus may be that has triggered your negative attitude.

We all have the ability to defeat negative thinking but the only way that you will ever win that battle is if you arm yourself with some specific skills to take back control of your life.

Maintaining a negative attitude drains the energy right out of you and if you allow this to go on for too long it becomes a vicious cycle of negativity, day in and day out.

When you have a negative attitude it does not just affect you, it affects everyone around you and overtime this will take it’s toll on all your personal and professional relationships.

Let’s face it, there are going to be those days when it seems as though nothing is going your way. The worst thing you could do is to allow those things that go wrong define you as a person.

We all have it within us to fight off the negative thoughts that try to tear us and wear us down. Although you must be prepared for the fight beforehand.

You must build the mental fortitude to be able to stop negative thinking before it stops you.

Learning how to deal with situations that could trigger self-defeating thoughts will improve both your mental health and your physical health.

Do you realize that you can actually weaken your immune system by harboring such negativity. There have been studies that show how people with negative attitudes are more susceptible to getting sick compared to those with a positive outlook on life.

Defeating A Negative Attitude For Good!

Do whatever it takes to rid yourself of that negative attitude. Like I said it is a choice so you just might have to consciously say to yourself I refuse to be negative.

I am not trying to make it sound like defeating a negative attitude is that easy but I am trying to tell you that it is up to you to put in the effort it takes to improve your attitude.

As I have told you in another section of this site I have made it a habit to choose my attitude before I even get out of bed in the morning and you can get into the same habit as well.

When I first wake up in the morning I sit up in bed, I take a big stretch, I put a smile on my face and then I say OUT LOUD: “Today I am going to have a terrific day.”

I do this every morning without fail and I have been doing this for years and it has become my first defense to defeating a negative attitude.

This is an easy habit to forge and once you do it will change your life in ways you can only imagine.

I don’t care how bad the day before may have been because the fact is that day is gone and that is the beauty of life, everyday we get a brand new day and it is up to us to make the best of of every new day of our life.

You have to tell yourself that the past is the past and regardless of how good or bad it may have been you cannot change it, all you can do is to focus on the day that’s right in front of you and you have control over how that day turns out.

Learn to focus on the here and now and do all you can to make the most of what you have.

If you take this approach towards life you empower yourself to control your destiny and with this type of personal power you can defeat a negative attitude every time.

A Negative Attitude And Negative Thinking Can Ruin Your Life!

Make The Next Day of Your Life The Best Day of Your Life And Do This Everyday of Your Life!

The clears signs that tell you that you have to make some changes in your life.

If you are generally a negative person you have to start making changes in your life…RIGHT AWAY.

A Negative Attitude Cripples And Corrodes The Human Spirit.

  • A negative attitude is self-destructive it will only hinder the process of maintaining good relationships.
  • You will find yourself blaming others for your problems.
  • You will make your rut even deeper by complaining all the time.
  • You will actually be stricken with physical and mental stress.

There is nothing good at all that comes from staying in that state of mind.

A negative attitude drains you of your energy you lose focus and motivation. It strips you of your ability to achieve any type of success in your life.

You spread misery to all those around you and you constantly act as though you are a victim. You lay around and moan and groan expecting others to feel sorry for you, but they don’t because the people around you know that you have brought it all on yourself.

I know that all sounds a little harsh but those are the facts and maybe if you read them it will make you think about all the things that a negative attitude causes in your life and to those around you.

I have had a lot of things happen to me throughout my life that I could have easily allowed to take control of my personal power but I refused to give in or give up.

I have had to deal with some of the most horrific medical problems and to this day I am still fighting for my life. Did you notice I said fighting?

You see I could allow my medical problems to dictate my attitude but I refuse to give up my power to something I cannot control. When life gets tough you have to get tougher. If I allowed my circumstances to dictate my attitude I would have been dead years ago.

I have built a large personal development library in my home from all the resources I have purchased over the years and I use those resources everyday because I choose to be happy.

I own hundreds of books and audio programs that deal with personal development issues and out of all that I own I can tell you that “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale is one of the all time greatest personal development resources.

I listen to this program or at least a portion of it at least once every week. The things you will learn in this audio program are timeless and they are powerful.

When I first listened to the entire program it was near impossible to maintain a negative attitude or any type of negativity.

If you are constantly battling a negative attitude I could not recommend the following program any stronger. Heck your life could be perfect and I would still tell you to get this program because it is that good and it is that uplifting and inspirational.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Success Through A Positive Mental AttitudeSuccess Through a Positive Mental Attitude teaches you some very specific techniques and strategies to not only defeat a negative attitude but to help you develop a positive mental attitude.

With a positive attitude you develop the inner strength to overcome any adversity life may throw at you and Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone teach you how to use your new found attitude to achieve personal and professional success.

So if you are ready to build an attitude for success you should order this audio program today.

How To Overcome A Negative Attitude And Improve Your Life!

First off, Always remember that reaching out for help is a true sign of strength!

Nobody wants to live with a negative attitude and nobody has to.

I realize that it is not as easy as just turning it off and then to start thinking positive but I do know that it is something you can overcome and you do not have to live another day in misery.

Sometimes the grip it has on you can be so tight that you need to reach out for help and there is no shame in that at all.

I have basically lived the last 25 years of my life asking for help. And you now what? It has worked!

As I said earlier I have built a huge collection of personal development resources and there isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t read or listened to something from my collection.

I spend a lot of time writing in or reading from my personal journals which helps me from falling prey to those negative thoughts that try to creep into my consciousness.

The point that I am trying to make is that we all need some help at one time or another and there is no shame at all in asking for help or in using something to help improve your attitude.

That is why I will recommend specific resources that I have used either now or in the past because I know for certain they would be beneficial to my readers.

After all my years of study in the personal development field I am lucky enough to be able to keep my mind focused on the positive and far from the negative.

I use positive thinking to keep myself in a good mood and it works without fail and no one can argue that with me because they will lose.

Negative AttitudePositive thinking works and it is something you can put to use starting this very moment.

When you have a negative attitude just think to yourself that you have the power to change how you feel.

Focus hard on some positive aspects of your life and keep your mind focused until it just naturally takes over on its own.

Repeat positive affirmations, visualize positive situations, give it a try it is definitely better then feeling totally miserable.

Practice it often and try some of the resources I have pointed out.

Get yourself some motivational audio programs and listen to them in your car or get a CD player and sit quietly and just listen to one for a half hour or so, it will brighten your mood.

These simple acts can pull you out of a negative attitude and selvage your day.

Make a habit of this and people will begin to notice a change in you. You will begin to notice a change in yourself, I Guarantee It!

Nothing good can ever come from having a negative attitude, it will lead you down a long and lonely dark path.

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