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by Howard Grant Platt 3rd on March 7, 2014 · 1 comment

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One Positive ThoughtPositive Thinking Tips for living a positive and productive life this will be the topic for this questions and answers article. If you are not sure of what I am referring to I will explain.

Just before my illness flared up back in October 2013 I announced that I would be answering the questions I receive from my subscribers via email right here on the site so that all my readers could benefit from the advice I offer. I receive at least 5 emails every day from my readers and on some days it can be as many as 20 to 30 emails.

As you can imagine trying to respond to all the emails individually was taking up most of my spare time so now I will group the emails into similar topics such as today’s topic Positive Thinking Tips for living a more positive life and post the questions with my reply on the website.

I will post the questions anonymously unless I have specific permission to use your name and if you would like me to use your name you can send along with a picture as well. If you have any questions concerning the new format please don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment under this article. Okay so let’s get started with today’s questions.

Positive Thinking Tips Questions And Answers Article Format.

Positive Thinking TipsThomas asks…

How can I learn to think more positive?

I’ve been in therapy, so I know that the mind is a powerful thing. How we think and what we think has strong control over our mood and mental disposition.

About five years ago I was diagnosed with depression and I try to keep my mind focused on the positive things in my life but no matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of the negative thoughts. It just seems like everything is always going wrong in my life and I cannot focus long enough on positive thinking to make it stick. If you have any advice that could help me to learn how to keep my mind thinking positive I would be so thankful.

Howard Platt answers a question and offers some powerful positive thinking tips for living a positive life:

Positive Thinking Tips AnswersFirst, off Thomas, you have asked a terrific question because this is something that a lot of people struggle with and I commend you for having the strength to write to me asking for help.

I could write pages answering this type of question however I will give you some specific actions you can take to help you start your day off in a positive frame of mind. The fact that you can recognize when you are focusing more on negative thinking than positive is a real plus.

I have always said that awareness is the first step to making any type of improvement in one’s life. It is much harder to rectify a problem when you do not even recognize that the problem exists so in your case you have already made the most important step.

I will not lie to you, positive thinking does take some work but like many other behaviors you can make thinking positive a habit and it only takes about 20 days to develop any type of habit, however, it must be 20 days in a row and not 20 spread out over a few months time.

I have published a few articles on the site about positive self-talk and that is where I want you to begin because it is the most effective means for developing the habit of positive thinking. Positive self-talk is a form of therapy called cognitive therapy and it is simple yet extremely effective. You are going to start this tomorrow morning and you’re going to use positive self-talk to put yourself into a positive frame of mind right from the very start of your day.

When you first wake up in the morning I want you to write down just three simple things that had a positive impact on your life or the life of someone else. Now you have at the very least 3 things that you can use as your positive self-talk, you just need to state it in the form of a positive “I” statement. For example, I scored 100 on my psychology exam and I feel great!

Okay, aside from just writing down the 3 positive statements I want you to identify everything you do in a positive light. If you make your bed in the morning you say to yourself; “I just made up my bed and it looks perfect,” and as you’re brushing, your teeth look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I like the way I look and I like me because it’s me.”

I want you to do this with everything you do and if something goes wrong shine a positive light on it instead of focusing on the negative aspect. All throughout the day concentrate on saying good things about yourself, tell yourself that you are intelligent, say I have what it takes to be a huge success at whatever I try.

I want you to repeat this statement all throughout the day; “I like myself, I am smart, intelligent and good looking, there isn’t anything I cannot do when I put my mind to it.” If you will follow this advice for the next 20 to 30 days without fail you will have developed the habit of positive thinking.

You should read the article I wrote about positive thinking, self-talk, and positive affirmations. I hope that you really give these positive thinking tips a try because I know they can change your life and you will soon become a positive thinker.

Well I have run out of time so I will answer some other emails I chose for this question and answers article based on the topic of positive thinking tips to help you live a more positive life tomorrow and hopefully by the end of next week I will catch up on all the older emails and then turn my focus to answering the newer ones.

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